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Allow landmarks to be made into waypoints.

FARA community · Created a new topic Monk jumping

Allow the monk to jump over enemies.

FARA community · Created a new topic Escort mission issue
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If you fail to escort a villager, IE they perish on the way, as far as I can see there is no way to remove the quest. It virtually removes one of your quest slots. On a different note, why do animal descriptions saying creatures that are "about the size of tigers or hippos", smaller than you? It doesnt seem to make much sense.

Whatever happened to MKI and MKII?

Any chance of seeing this on steam?

Also I meant, can ships plot new starpaths entirely?

If the imperial tombs only make ghosts, what are the requirements for an empire to spawn a warden after they fall?

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Are ships able to plot new paths to stars after some time? And when are lunar monuments going to be given an effect?(Also do imperial tombs have an effect?)

MKIII was working fine, but it seems to crash now and then, will this just happen with certain keywords?

Which version is considered superior?


Also it might be cool to make your ship a little bit procedural as well.

Why is there no download link?

Maybe an option to tone down/turn off the flicker effect.

Aside from the obvious ability to attack and/or hunt things, it would be cool to be able to encounter other werewolves or monsters, and compete with them and the humans. Also adding some sort of hunger mechanic to go along with hunting. Are there any really populated villages? I didn't see many towns or castles. As far as other interactions with the environment go, I would definitely like to see more things in the area around you, and some minor abilities like pouncing on enemies, slashing, or howling to scare them off.

Is there any interaction with the environment? IE hunting?

Wow this game is really impressive, I hope that more work is done on it, I would definitely be willing to buy a full version.

I know that you havent really done anything for almost a year, but I would love to see this concept fleshed out more, its very fun, and I would definitely be willing to buy a full fledged game like this.