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I don't know if you're still around, but it would be nice if the mod had a second option for sprinting. If you're in first person, Shift automatically becomes the button for using the mouse on the GUI, and sprinting becomes impossible.

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Wasn't sure where else to report this, but I have the GOG version (most recent patch), and when I cleared the Chapter II Prologue with max points, the game locks up on a black screen instead of showing the intended bonus screen. Seems consistent on my end, I can't tell you much more than that!

A few other people at GOG have also mentioned the error, the ending doesn't seem to matter like I originally thought:

Hi, this is great, I've been looking forward to it on your Twitter!  I've got some technical feedback below, I hope that's okay!

The tutorial prompt to "Press W to advance" confused me: since it was the very first prompt in the game, I assumed it was explaining how to advance text. It should probably appear, maybe rephrased, just before you start walking.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to jump from X to Interact but then E to advance text. They should probably handle both. "E" is definitely more natural for WASD, and "X" more for arrow keys.

Because I'm still getting used to the perspective, I'm often walking the wrong distance towards NPCs, and the fact that the "Interact" prompt fades in isn't helping. While it's a nice effect, I think I'd prefer it if it appeared instantly. Also maybe if it was smaller?  Not SMALL, just smaller than it is.

I also find myself walking inside of NPCs when I try to talk to them, even if they aren't necessarily blocking the path. This is subjective, but it's hard to get a read on how close you are to some of the surreal NPC and props, so it might be helpful if NPCs were solid unless you need to pass through them. And plot NPCs might be better off blocking your path UNTIL you talk to them - I definitely felt it was weird just phasing through Killer at one point, even though I knew he was important, but that might just be me. He seems too aggressive to just let me saunter past.

Bugs: if you stand diagonal from a hotspot and rotate in such a way that your camera passes over it, the Interact prompt will start to appear and then fade back out.

Found this one totally by accident. Go to where you first meet Killer, face him, and turn right. Walk INTO the wall right in front of you. The Interact prompt will appear briefly and then fade out. I assume you're moving too close to the doorway on the other side of the wall. This probably happens in other instances where there's one tile of wall between you and a hotspot.

You can also walk inside one of the boxes in the apartment from one side, but not the other. You probably shouldn't be able to walk through them at all.

For some reason, when I started the fullscreen version for the first time, I ran into a bunch of errors (invisible New/Continue buttons, text oversized and not fitting in dialogue boxes), but they vanished when I tried again. Sorry, I know that's no help.

Hope that helps, keep up the great work!

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So I played the game and got the alternate ending, and all the caterpillars. As far as the tally in the secret room is concerned, I've got 100%. But I never unlocked the third warp? I imagine it has to do with going to your partner's house, because they have the only other TV, but I could never find it. I even tried messing up with them at the apartment to see if that would do it, but nope. Maybe an error?

Maybe I missed it, but I think this really needs a save feature.