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No pages missing. It is a 1 page ttrpg. but if somethings not clear/you have questions, let me know

Brilliant game that makes you ask interesting and deep questions about the nature of war. The War Progress mechanic is an especially nice touch.

A fun little game exploring the life and times of someone long past.

This is a fun little game with a lot of potential for exploring society through the lens of artificial life.

This is a great game. I really enjoyed the hex crawl, though you may want to try adding an extra few nights if you're hoping to have a favorable outcome. Otherwise, great concept, great execution. Very fun.

This is a great time. super fun, super fast. the chase aspect of the game is a real highlight.

This is a great game with a great aesthetic. Really fun.

yes. You chose which you want to use. Then you roll both and if your choice was higher, you succeed.

This is an absolutely brilliant game that really highlights the sea fairing life wonderfully.


is a wonderful game of searching dusty tomes for lost documents. It really uses the Firelights system well and creates a great tone.

This is a great game with really strong exploration mechanics and a striking tone.

great game. lots of whimsy. wonderful map builder

This is a fun little one-shot where you can explore the villain of a story.

This is a fun take on the mystery with a great resolution mechanic.

This is a unique game that uses music and prompts to build a classic late night radio style feel.

This is a wonderful and thoughtful solo TTRPG. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you enjoy games of deep philosophical consequence.

This is a fun game that plays around with non-linear time while being super easy to pick up.

This is a unique game that uses letters and solitaire to create an interesting experience.

This is a delightful little game that has strong Stardew Valley vibes that is perfect for a lazy weekend or just having a calm and comforting time.

This is a brilliant game with good mechanics. Definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of noir.

This is a great game. The novel mechanics of using a novel were absolutely great.

this is an amazing game. strong themes and great gameplay.

This is a great game. Really fun with some good challenging play.


A fun, easy game where you get to try and brew potions and live your best witch-y life.

This is a great game with some strong paranormal elements.

This game has a great, old school dungeon crawl feel to it. Make sure you don't mess up like I do and use all the gold you can when you can.

this is a great game and a great mystery opportunity. I made *many* mistakes, especially with my oracle use, but still had a great time.

Haha I almost played repairs like that based on damage prioritizes repairs first, but then the next line threw me. So thats where my confusion came in at.

This is a brilliant little game that can pack some serious feels in it.

This is a fun game that follows the Wretched and Alone template very well. Definitely worth checking out.

haha fair. That may have definitely helped. My dnd was showing a little with how I treated combat.

This is a brilliant little game with a lot of potential for play.

A lovely and reflective game that provides a powerful ritual of closure.

This game has some fun mechanics. The content can be a little rough if you stop to think about it, but the gameplay is enjoyable

This is a real strong game for providing closure to character death in either your TTRPG or written works. It has great tools and mechanics for diving in and exploring the life of that character and the impact they may have left behind.

this is a wonderful game and a great tool for worldbuilding

a wonderful dungeon delver set in the terrifying darkness of space

a wonderful game of contemplation and reflection. Her Odyssey takes you on a guided journey.