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The Story and artsyle of this game are both amazing (For some reason i really like the art of the lights above each door). It all comes together to make a really fun and mysterious world that is fun to explore. 

I really like the concept, I hope you make a longer game using the idea, I love the idea of wondering an abandoned alien ship and solving puzzles to find frequency's to hack computers.

Its a really cool idea and i would love to see it used more 

Really great game, the artstyle is brilliant and the game balances all its mechanics very well, its very simple but it come together perfectly so you always have to stay on top of your energy because running out at the wrong time can be disastrous.


This is what the internet was made for.

Weird and random things that are just a eild ride from start to finish 

The world building is incredible, the game is very simple but the characters ae very well written and intriguing and it all adds up to a world that's very enjoyable to just walk around in and explore 


What an insanely addictive game.

It scales up its difficulty very smoothly and i am a really big fan of all the different color pallets.

I am absolutely terrible at the game and yet just cant stop playing

Really addictive game that strikes a great balance between being chill and challenging, and is backed up by a beautiful artstyle.

the kind of game that you plan to play for a few minutes and end up getting sucked in for hours

The artstyle is adorable and i hope you do return to this and make the a longer version.

its really neat and enjoyable

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Im A Huge fan of the art style. the enemy's are really great looking and with its short, action filled runs its a great bite sized game and a perfect example of a game being to easy to start and difficult to master.

I could definitely see this being a very addictive mobile game and i hope to see it brought to mobile at some point in the future 

Really enjoyed the character design.

quick wholesome game

Really great looking game, im a big fan of the background sounds, it really helps build the atmosphere


Well i obviously had to play this after playing bowling cross.

And boy am i bad at this game but boy is is addictive. 

just plain simple fun 

Really fun game 

It scales up its difficulty really well and its very addictive.

And here i thought that fighting the adventurers would be the stressful part of the job. Who knew there was so much paper work involved in running an evil empire 

Such an adorable game, i went into it expecting a fun little drawing game and ended up exploring some pretty intense mental issues......while also playing a fun little drawing game. 

Really addictive little game with charming art style. 


Really cute game, im a big fan of the art style and i cant wait for a part two so we can solve the big twist! 

The artsyle is really beautiful, i do wish there was more to do and look after since, and more things you could interact with (Someone mentioned being able to use the bottle for a drunk mode)

This gives me so many nostalgic memory's from the good old flash days.

A simple fun game with a great soundtrack



A really interesting concept that i had a lot of fun with.

I hope you keep working and expanding this 

There is something very satisfying about setting everything on fire. I hope you add more levels in the future 

What a lovely exhibit with some truly unique art pieces.

i had a slight issues with during my visits involving a power cut, fortunately for me a lovely gentleman helped me find the exit safely.

A great exhibit i would recommend to all art lovers 

I stumbled across this game purely by accident and boy oh boy am i glad i did.

Its such a fun and unique idea backed up with brilliant and silly writing.

Who would have thought that that a bowling game could be such fun 

Really cool idea and it would be cool to see it expanded upon, with more to explore, more to find, both in terms of more kinds of scrap and parts to find and a wider variety of enemy types 

I really like the writing, its a good blend of silly random fun.

I can definitely see why Socrates was sick of these people constantly nagging him.

Wow i really really hope you manage to finish this.

the artstyle is so great and the game has so much potential, id love to be able to be able to play a full version of this one day.

Great work

Really great game, i love the idea and I'm excited to see where you go with it and what the full release is like.

Im not very good at chess, but adding a shotgun sure does mix it up a bit 

Really big fan of the game, the artstyle is super cute and its the kind of game that you just loose track of time when playing

Unfortunately the game kept crashing for seemingly no reason.

I am not playing on a mac (I know this is a mac issue) but on a windows PC

Very Cute Little Game, I really liked the artstyle and would love a longer game with more choices.

Really Great game, i like that it balanced very nicely between being difficult without being frustrating.


Hey There! 

is the source code for this still available?

I look forward to seeing what you make in the future 

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite indie developers

I enjoy that you have a proper feeling of weight during the game, it really makes you feel like a giant castle wreaking havoc across the land.

The artstyle is beautiful and fits perfectly with the game

All round a really fun game, nothing quite beats controlling a giant castle and beating up other living landscapes 

Who knew spending time at the beach could be so stressful!

I like idea of the game, And the art style is adorable, i just wish there was a little bit more you could do to fight against the eternal onslaught of the ocean

Neat Idea, i wish there was a more of a difference between each of the weapons, especially the combo weapons, as well as different enemies over times.

The idea is really enjoyable but it needs a little bit of polish to make it less repetitive over time   

Really Fun Silly Game That takes balances its humor very nicely.

Its rare you get to gyrate against emperor caesar 

That alone makes it worth playing

makes it worth playing 

i love the idea of a roguelike where your weapon is random with every shot.

While sadly no such game exists at this moment, games likes this one scratch that itch.

Really Fun Game, I enjoyed how subtly the reactor gets brighter so you don't notice anything until the reactor is blindingly bright and of course by then its already to late.

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With each passing day the sickness gets worse, the air is poison, and each breath burns in my lungs. Getting up each day is becoming more and more difficult, moving fills me with pain, dull and throbbing deep in my bones, weighing me down. I know i will not live much longer, but none of that matters, all that matters are the plums, the plums hold the key, the plums will save us all 

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Really great experience, its a simple idea that really sucks you in and can quickly get out of hand if you are not paying attention