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I love how much weird stuff like this the internet is just stuffed with 

I have got to admit, that might be the weirdest way I have ever gotten the good ending before. I love the plate spinning hysteria of trying to focus on everything at once, even if my first attempt did end quickly and miserably.

I am a really big fan of the writing, the game does a good job of building tension as you slowly become more and more desperate as time goes on and you steadily gain bits of information. I think a longer game where you have to puzzle out the right response to situations could be interesting. 

I really enjoy driving around talking to all the random monsters, id love a bigger version of the game with more for you to deliver and more monsters to talk to. 

Ya know what ill stand by what I said, those kids deserved to get run over

a fun idea, I really enjoyed playing around with the different powers trying to find good combinations 


well this was unexpected but very welcome 

Really fun idea, I enjoyed seeing what Wendell would come up with next 

I was really excited to see the new maps and race around the farm once again. I love that you are updating and expanding this game, its a great game to kill 20 minutes and even though I'm not racing against anyone else I get weirdly competitive.

just  one more things, those birds that keep eating the crops, they are not crows are they? it be such a shame if you where participating in the senseless propaganda that Crows are anything but wonderful birds that have far better things to do then eat crops, ya know, like steal shiny stuff.

nah the sunset is great, leave it as is. 

Nothing ruins a good hunt faster then a hidden rhino stabbing my poor lion boy, all he wanted to do was kill a few buffalo 

Its a good Idea but it desperately needs a bit of balancing and its a littles short

And here I was thinking i was going to be productive this week, instead I ended playing this for just an insane amount of time 

A fun and random twist on block breaker games. i look forward to seeing more levels.

Do you have any plans to make a downloadable version?

Really fun game, I like the art style and the game play is very addictive. I am excited to where this goes and what upgrades get added as Development progresses  

A fun Little story with some interesting twists Sprinkled in 

From now on I will make all major life decisions with a magic 8 ball 

Those god damn pesky gnomes, no matter how hard you try, you just can not get rid of them. 

I love the art style of mixing the old west and modern technology together, the writing is great and I'm really exited for the full game, Do you have any idea when to expect the full game?

I am a big fan of the chaotic fast paced madness, I did have a issue where the game froze randomly for a few seconds

Well its definitely one of the more unique approaches to CVs I've seen.

The question now is did anyone see this and hire you because of it?

This is the kind of game I would love to see played buy someone who is really rally good at it.

i just recently discovered your games and immediately became a big fan of your the style of your games 


A Simple and addictive game that does a good job of drawing you in and making you want to come back and keep beating your high score. Do you have any plans to adapt it for mobile?

A Fantastic game that I have gotten addicted to playing despite being awful at it, It is weirdly nostalgic and I can not for the life of me pin point what it makes me nostalgic for.

Its really impressive and I cant wait to see where it goes 

A fun silly Adventure that allows you to make the worlds most perfect sandwich


I was very confused at first at first as I kept expecting other farmers to show up and race against me and steal my crops, by the time I realized no one else was going to show up to steal my stuff I was so engrossed in the farming process and had thoroughly screwed myself over time wise.

Turns out I don't need other farmers to come steal my crops, I will still find a way sabotage the farm all on my own.

The Game Looks Great with Very addictive gameplay that you draws you in from the first lap and makes you want to keep trying over and over, in the hopes of doing just a little bit better 

The writing and humor is exactly my kind of style, its a silly witty kind of game and I'm impressed you where able to squeeze so many endings into the game in such a short amount of time 

The Artstyle is gorgeous and the game has a lot of potential, its a shame that the story lets that potential down.

It feels like a grand mystery is being set up when you first start exploring and reading notes, and then it never really goes anywhere, you don't get to do or discover anything new right until the ending.

The bulk of what there is to discover and explore is done right at the start and that leaves the middle of the game feeling very empty and bland with the ending just being sprung on you, I understand that this is the result of the limited time you have to work on jam games, and I really hope you keep working on it post jam to flesh it out and add more to discover. I adore the look of the world and what bits of story the game does have builds mystery very well and I would love to see a fuller version of this.

There is something weirdly nostalgic about wondering around a dying mall.

A neat little puzzle game that is a very fun kill a lot of spare time 

Really Fun Idea But I Agree It needs more cards and more options especially in the late game to mix things up. Id love to see and expanded version 0f this at some point 

As someone who enjoys both indie games and cooking I really love the idea of combing the two, and the art style is just a neat cherry on top.

A fun silly game with great visuals, I do wish it was a little more challenging as its very easy to gain and keep the lead, I also agree the ability  to skip the score countdown is needed as that goes on for way to long. I look forward to seeing the full release 

Thank You For The Response 

What's The license surrounding these? Can they be Edited and used in commercial or non commercial projects?

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Its Insanely impressive that this game out of a game jam, I think the idea and story for the game are both very interesting concepts and seeing your reverse copy for the first time was a great surprise. However it definitely felt rushed and very quickly got repetitive, the upgrades are not really needed and so you immediately run into just doing the same thing over and over with little to no change, your past self isn't really a threat as there is no penalty to hitting them.

The concept is brilliant and has a lot of potential, and I do hope you explore that potential and keep working on this post jam because I really like the idea of farming in backwards time.

A neat experience and a great way to spend a few minutes trying to beat your high score. I Like the fact you make the source code available.

Man who knew doing taxes was so easy? i should become a professional do-er of taxes