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I don't know exactly what my job is, but ill do my best to make Stone Jones happy

Really fun idea, id love a longer game with more headlines to censor, I enjoyed trying to find the silliest headline possible  

Really fun idea, the way the world opens up piece by piece and lets you interact with it more and more is REALLY well done and feels very smooth when first realize what's happening. I'm also a big fan of the music and how it fits into the story. i could defiantly imagine myself just listening to the music in the background while I work 

Really good Art style and I like the concept. Id like to see it expanded on, more option for what to add to your train and as time goes on maybe the ability to control multiple trains so you can defend a bigger pieces of the map at a time and have to make sure you don't crash them into each other. I also feel like the game could benefit from a few QOL features like something that tells you the exact spot that stops your train from moving.

Its a fun idea and I hope you keep working on it, I think there is a lot of potential for a game where you have accesses to other peoples computers and need to achieve certain goals by digging through their files.

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A interesting idea that I had a lot of fun with, it would be cool if there was more variety, different battle maps each with there own layouts and obstacles and different enemies with different attacks you need to adapt to and learn to use to your advantage, and different obstacles you need to deal with or shoot around to damage your trainer. Its a cool concept and I hope you turn the idea into a full game 

I played a ridiculous amount of this over the weekend and so far really enjoyed it.

I really enjoy the user-friendly interface and the well-maintained difficulty balance. I played through numerous games, and although the questions started to repeat fairly quickly, I understand it's just a part of the early access phase. Excited to see the future developments of the game!

I really liked the concept, but the gameplay gets a bit frustrating with the whole trial-and-error approach. Having to start over from the beginning every time I make a mistake, especially when you can't avoid making them to gather info, can be a bit tiresome. It would be more enjoyable if there were some puzzle elements involved, giving you a chance to figure things out strategically instead of just relying on trial and error. Also, it would be cool if there were more flexibility in the story path, so it's not a total game over if you don't follow the exact route.

What a cool idea, I liked the switch between thief and detective and despite what some people may say, I will argue justice has been done!

I really enjoyed this, the combination of the sweet pixel art and the relaxing music makes for a great experience and I really zened out while playing. I'm excited to see where this game goes moving forward as you continue to work on it 

its great how quickly you go from a straight platform to something actually fun to play

Great Asset Pack For The Best Bird 

Its Weird how much I enjoyed this, I got so invested. I do wish there was more options for your fighters to upgrade into as they level up. 

Such a cute game

Its been six years but I kind of agree that not having checkpoints between rounds adds to the challenge, I feel like that extra risk makes it all more enjoyable when you do beat the game, I'm glad you never changed that


I really like the super cute art style! its such a cozy looking game.

I just keep coming back to this game, its a simple premise but incredibly fun none the less 

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Such a cute fun game that is the perfect length to explore the idea. I spent more time trying to beat rush hour mode then i care to admit  

Weirdly Addictive, i played this for a lot longer then i would care to admit 

I really like the art style, I cant tell if Myk is an great friend or an awful friend.

I knew I shouldn't have trusted that get rich quick scheme, who knew making money would be so hard in the apocalypse.

This was such a fun and silly game with a unique premise. I loved the quirky characters and artwork. Perhaps for next year's Independence Day, we could race against different characters, making it a fun annual tradition

I had a great time with this! I admit I was a bit skeptical about the premise at first, but it turned out to be so much fun. I'm genuinely excited to see where you take the full game.

I really enjoy this game, its great how different each run can be depending on what attachments you find, completely changing how you play each time, I did have a bug where the game would crash every time i died, but a very enjoyable experience


I really enjoy the game and was glad to see the crashing bug got fixed, its a fun silly idea and I hope you add more to it, maybe different terrain and challenges on different floors to add replayability.

it would be cool to have one player playing the skeletons and one player the knight so each side is fighting to get to the resources first 

Such a fun silly little demake, It really made me want to papers please again 

I really like the idea, I hope you keep working on it and adding more levels, i would love to play a full campaign of this 

Really like the idea, its a fun game to play over and over trying to beat your high score. I hope you keep working on it and add more creatures and variation to the game. Its incredibly impressive for a 48 hour game is filled with potential


This definitely scratched my itch for metal slug, Such a great game and I cant wait for the full release 

Something about this is very addictive, i really enjoyed spreading my train across the world and just chugging along.

I am a huge fan of the pixel art, it looks incredible and I'm excited to see where the game goes as you add more content

Its amazing how nostalgic this game feels for completely unexplainable reasons 

I love how much weird stuff like this the internet is just stuffed with 

I have got to admit, that might be the weirdest way I have ever gotten the good ending before. I love the plate spinning hysteria of trying to focus on everything at once, even if my first attempt did end quickly and miserably.

I am a really big fan of the writing, the game does a good job of building tension as you slowly become more and more desperate as time goes on and you steadily gain bits of information. I think a longer game where you have to puzzle out the right response to situations could be interesting. 

I really enjoy driving around talking to all the random monsters, id love a bigger version of the game with more for you to deliver and more monsters to talk to. 

Ya know what ill stand by what I said, those kids deserved to get run over

a fun idea, I really enjoyed playing around with the different powers trying to find good combinations 


well this was unexpected but very welcome