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The story, art, and sound effects were on point! However, I failed to understand how the combat actually worked. Great job otherwise!

I like the concept of the game! It was pretty fun to play, and I think if you polished up the graphics and gave it some audio, it could grow into something even better!

This made for a really fun puzzle game! Great job!

Very nice job! Everything was on point and fun to play! I really liked the concept and it put a big smile on my face!

Congrats on finishing your first ever game jam! I enjoyed playing for the short amount of time! I think if you were to add some UI such as a title screen, some SFX, and a couple more levels, this would make for an even more interesting game!

The game concept is really good! I think if you were to add a title screen and some UI, then the game would be better. Nice sound effects too :)

Loved the concept and art! This game has a lot of potential! One thing I'd recommend though is to create a small in-game tutorial so that the controls are easier to spot. 

I like the concept of the game and the sound effects/graphics were on point! I think if you were to add in a better built-in tutorial, it could definitely evolve into something successful!

Very nice job! The game was challenging but also fun at the same time and I liked the concept!

Loved it! The groovy music and wacky gameplay makes up for a great game!

This was a really fun game! I liked the concept and the groovy music :)

Love it! It's  a game with a simple premise but is strangely addicting!

I think the game was pretty fun to play and had an interesting concept! Good job!

I really think this game has potential! I loved how you made the character purposely hard to control in order to present a challenge to player

I really like the controls of the character and I think if you expanded the type of enemies in the game and added a score, it would be even more fun to play!

Nicely done! I really liked the game mechanics, artwork, and SFX!

Nice job! I really loved the concept and the feel of the game!

I really loved the concept of the game! Great job!