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Good! a game!



I like!


Fun to lie on your back! Like!

I like!

Oh this is interesting!

I like!

Cool game!

Well drawn!

Interesting game. It can be further developed. The graphics made me happy!

In my opinion, she has become even better today!

I like it!

I like it!

Good game!

Wow this is interesting!

This game interested me right away. Being in the game is quite pleasant, and there is a desire to go further and further. The shooting mechanics are interesting, and the enjoyable destruction of enemies.

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The first thing I want to point out is that this game instantly sparked a desire in me to complete it until the end. Then, with the request “Give me ammo!”, I reloaded my weapon and started clearing the territory of enemies. I spent enough time in the game for my tea to turn cold. The game has a special atmosphere. Fine.

Looking at the screenshots, it looks good. It’s a pity there is no build for Linux.

It’s funny!

Thank you very much. Very valuable!❤️❤️❤️🪰

Thank you very much for your experience and feedback 🪰

This is a good game. I like!

Very enjoyable game!

I like it. You can feel the atmosphere.

haha funny, interesting game.

This is a really cool game!


Cool, I like it!

Interesting game!

Oh this game is good!

Very cool project! Keep it up!

good idea

The idea is good

Good game. I like!

It’s so lamp-like. Good music.

Cool! It’s funny!

I made a weather application and parsed the user’s IP and I understand this.