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Really good game, I give it a 9/10. Great audio, and I like the aesthetic. The level design makes this very fun, but the art feels a little lacking. Overall excellent mechanics and music, but the art could be more. That is all.

Amazing polish, potential candidate for indie game of the year!

what version of unity is this?

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Wait...are you Gembit? THE GEMBIT?? I am a big fan of your Bullet Looper game (not so much the others), so it is truly an honir that you played my game and broke my high score.

Thank you for the criticism! It was definitely constructive.


How do you get past room 7

Good game

Here is a tip create a browser version so more will play.

Thanks for the feedback

Thank you

Thank you

Thanks! And that text is a really good idea, I might even add it in an update. I will try to check out your game as well.

Ahh that is a good idea!


You actually liked the movement trick? You’re one of the first haha. And for the music, it was meant to be annoying but not that annoying. I guess that comes with experience (this is my second ever track created). Anyways, thanks for the feedback!

It’s just scoring since I couldn’t find a good way to make an ending. Also great job on the 50 coins! My high score is 11. 

There is no end in this game right now, I wasn’t sure how to make it satisfying. This is why Franklin will attempt the escape in the sequel. Thanks for playing my game.

Thank you


uhhh what?

Not sure what is happening...but good job, it is pretty unique. I would appreciate it if you rated my game as well.

Not sure what is happening...but good job, it is pretty unique. I would appreciate it if you rated my game as well.


Pretty good, but got kind of frustrating.

First of all, thanks. Second of all, there is a score, but I messed up on the UI so it is blurry and it is not at the top most left cornerm but it is on the left side.

Very very fun

Very fun

Cool, thanks

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Interesting game, but the camera could use a little bit of adjusting in my opinion. Another thing is the part where it keeps sending you back to the start when you die. Overall, pretty good game.

Pretty fun but the level generation is...ehh.
If you could rate my game that would be appreciated

Fun game. I am a beginner too, how did you get the light up effect in your obstacles?

Pretty good, I liked the music and sound effects

Love the music

Thank you for the feedback. The controls were done on purpose to make it weird but I will take this into account

Thank you man!

Hahaha thanks! The score should be in the center of the screen but slightly to the left. It goes up every time you get a coin.

Simple yet sweet!

Thank you for the feedback 

I got 11