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there isnt a simple variable like "swep" with .race mods but you can set any weapon by setting "wep = (wep_name)" in #define game_start . you should also set the starting ammo with "

ammo[weapon_get_type(wep)] = typ_ammo[weapon_get_type(wep)]*3

" which sets the ammo for whatever weapon you have to 3x the amount that a ammo pickup gives (what the base game does)

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/wep :toggles custom starting guns
/sound :toggles custom sounds for skins
/idpdtb :toggles idpd skins having different sprites with thronebutt
/restart :locks all skin (they have unlock conditions)
/unlockall :unlocks all skins again

options are saved between sesions

from the description slightly scrolled up from here

unload the file stealth.mod.gml

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there has not been any news of ntt 9945 since around 9944. yal (yellowafterlife) seems to work on it for a week or 2 every few months (probably between paid jobs). he seems more invested in getting a stable gms2 version of the base game (with 60fps) than pushing a new stable ntt build. but that requires contacting rami to push steam updates which isnt the easiest thing to my understanding. but i dont really know anything. he posts in and checks the 2021_beta_bugreports channel in the nt discord. you can ask there or tweet him i guess.

i think its an oddity with icons.mod.gml someone else has reported. you can remove that file to fix it.

in pvp.mod.gml line 16 "global.hpgain = 2" sets how much hp to add each level, change the 2. in pvparena.area.gml line 712 "GameCont.hard+=1" sets how much to increment the weaponlevel each time a chest is destroyed. change the 1 (in the normal game GameCont.hard is incremented by 1 each time a portal is entered. so spc/ultra weapons start dropping around 16. also controls enemy density i dont remember if that matters in pvparena spawning). any text editor will work i recommend notepad++ or gmedit

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the mod is not compatible with 9944 it has varying issues running on all builds above 9921. but 9944 in particular converted the game engine from gms1 to gms2 and broke quite a few things with mods.
that error can happens sometimes entering any custom area (its not actually scrapyard) not just this mod. it is on the list of things to fix for NTT 9945 but yal has been working on other projects. im not sure why the bird is locking on the gms2 builds but i think golden epsilon has an edited version of the mod floating around that can run on 9944. though you would still get the chest errors

should just be "/load pvparena" on the campfire in NuclearThroneTogether, t opens the console, for online all players need to type "/sideload" first like the game tells you

sorry i didnt consider unlocking crowns with ntt. as ntt by default unlocks all crowns. it would be a bit of a pain to trick the game into unlocking crowns. i could force it to unlock 1 by switching back to a real crown object before the last portal but would have to do something weird to get all of them in a line to unlock. i dont plan on editing to mod file and recommend using the /ccrown life command to manually set your starting crown to whatever you want

read this.txt

find and replace the first bit in variedallies #define step

#define step

with instances_matching(Ally,"spr_idle",sprAllyIdle) if ("check" not in self)
    check = irandom(12)
else if ("set" not in self) if sprite_index != sprAllyAppear
    if check = 1
        spr_idle = global.banditidle

the ntt chat command /timeout *number*
sets the time the game will wait before it gives up and calls the game desynced

you can try increasing /timeout before loading the mod. the mod usually does hang the game up for a few seconds as it loads

i probably cant stop you but would rather you dont


TopCont has a variable called fog that sets a sprite to scroll across the screen at half? transparency if its set to any sprite. i loaded a custom image of just a red square and use that. previous builds i used sprite_replace to replace the wall and floor sprites with edited sprites

there isnt one.
"/gml" lets you execute gamemaker language code lines from the chat
and yellowafterlife has a giant faq page of chatcommands on the ntt page (loading unloading)

make a text file called startup.text in the mods folder. with the lines you would type in game
/load skins
/loadmod crowns


pick local co-op instead of online in ntt?



its on bio(mod boy) to update it in. its much easier to add skins to customcharacters with their own race.gml file instead of an external one. i dont mind if he wants to, i messaged him

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gml only lets you blend a color onto the sprite. (why i include projectile sprites that are greyscaled). so if you did the handle would be blended as well. also we dont have access to how the game renders the players weapons. (the weapon sprite is drawn on the player but isnt its own object). if i were to do it i would take the energy sword sprite replace it with one with out the line. and have that be drawn over the player with bind_script_draw using gunangle/wepflip/bwepflip and image_blending it. but that seems like a pain to get working

are you on NTT 9921

HARD MODE community · Created a new topic other

i dont know how works or if people need a tread opened to comment

HARD MODE community · Created a new topic balance issues

if you have them. the mod is WIP and i do apreciate feed back but keep in mind it is called hardmode

i figured it out. version b15 should fix the portal issue

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the multiplayer chests are an option listed under the "/options" command
the 2 portals issue is known but im not sure how to fix yet (i am truely sorry for your lost run)
the cursed hyper crystal can teleport and sometimes get outside the level or in a wall. give it time or back away and it will return

you download a zip file here. use a file extractor (i think windows even comes with one now[try rightclicking it]) and put the hardmode folder inside the mods folder that came with NTT

HARD MODE community · Created a new topic bug reports
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post bugs here:
what i know:

♦cursed hyper crystal sometimes deleting walls when it dies

♦instant reload on throne2 sometimes(should be fixed?)

♦background portal durring the throne 2 fight is "off"

♦if 2 players enter seperate portals the game will softlock, (disabling /portals BEFORE the portals spawn will avoid this, only an issue in 2-2) (should be fixed in b15, let me know if it broke anything)

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the image is compiled into a base64 line of text at the start of icons.mod.gml. i added this part a few months after i made the skins and had developed a habit of doing images like this (easier to download, harder to edit). you can find image_to_base64/base64_to_image converters online

i think this is the latest image i used (you have to change the amount of frames the game reads from this if you change it)