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Hello! I downloaded your game and when I tried to open it, it just would not. Inside the folder (after the extraction), I saw two files with .exe-- but even with two I cannot open the game. So that's it, I hope if there is really a problem, I hope it can be fixed.  I can't wait to play and rate your game. Thanks for making this! :)

I enjoyed the storyyy!!! But, it's just sad that it has no saving point (because it was not yet finished). I love the graphics and the characters themselves (dunno if they represent somebody in real life). I'm going to wait for this game's final product. Keep up the good work! It's worth it. :)

A cute game, though its kind of sad it only took me minutes to finished the game. For me, it would be more awesome if you could prolong this game (like adding some events). Also, the graphics and the control is simple but cool.

Anyways, thanks for the game! its super-duper short but it relaxed me. :D