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Very fun! cute clever spin on navigating on and through platforms


a slimes gotta do what a slimes gotta do (die)

man this one hit me. thanks

I love holes and causing problems. Theres a number of holes and various things you can do with them, and a number of various problems you can cause. Best enjoyed with the music playing on loop with the music software of your choice. 

This is my favorite experience with art that I've had this year. I felt invigorated and intoxicated, I broke down and wept, I felt lost and drawn into something deeper, I laughed my ass off and felt genuine sweetness, I felt pain and pause and anxiety and hope, I felt seen and known and spoken to, I hooted and hollered and got slapped upside the head, and in the end there was time to reflect. Every piece of this puzzle is beautiful enough on its own and could only have been brought to the table by each individual creator. But each one is strengthened and uplifted by their shared and integral connection because that's how community works. As you walk down these labyrinthine corridors into the heart of something unspeakable, you know by the tended flowers along the way that you do not walk the path alone. There is an MS-06R-1 Zaku II High Mobility Type there with you also

I will protect snail. i will never game over and will play Hypnodrive (2021) available now on itch dot io for the rest of my life

i have a need for speed and a love of snail . this is th game of all times