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Yes, it works fine on an emulator.

I somehow think, that my C64 is something of an oddball. It seems to be manufactured, when they threw together parts from different revisions to meet the demand. 

I was gifted it on christmas '87 and it has the dark grey-brownish case of the old C64 with the light-grey keys of the C64 II. IIRC, my parents bought it from Data Becker.

The SD2IEC seems to be from

I can see the directory and it begins to load. After running the programm, its continus to load and after some time, my disc drive gives an error (indicated by a blinking led).

I probably got an C64 II in a breadbox case. It's hard to figure out which revision exactly. My disk drive is an OC-118N clone produced by Westfalia Technika and for the disk image I use a SD2IEC.

Everything is unmodified. I tried both, the floppy and the image, without a fast loader and with the final cartridge III.

I ordered the c64 physical edition and can't get it to run on my C64. Neither from floppy, nor from the disc image.