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Well, since this bug can't be reproduced (and might as well only happen while hosted) I guess I'll consider as solved...? I'll add an download option soon. Anyways, thank you for the feedback! ^^

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You mean, the flag? I can jump trough the flag's platform and the next platform just fine.
Actually, I have walked, ran, and jumped trough all levels many times, both in Android and Windows.
In what platform are you playing at?

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Hello fellow gamer.
If you want to follow the development of this game, or even support it, well... Our Twitter is @BitwinOfficial.
If you want to hear our musics separately, we have a Soundcloud Account too: this one.

You can talk to us by Twitter, Facebook, or... you should just post here on

By the way, we are making our best to make this game the best as possible. We'll try to finish it up to October 31st, as I've said, but some DLCs will come later. The game will cost two united states dollars, and will be playable on desktops and mobiles.

We'll be posting some devlog videos, and texts with lists and all... so stick along!

Our Official Youtube Channel (for official trailers, and informative videos).
HenriPK's Channel (for some other stuff like random testing videos).

Have a nice day!