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Thanks for the game. My highest score was 40846. 

that is awesome!!!!

thank you for the comments! my plan was to add more levels. if only I had more time before the submission :(

there are actually two difficulties. if you click the green face on the top right it will switch to the hard difficulty. 

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The graphics are nice, but the controls are a little confusing. 

Nice music. 

thanks man. it is a little tricky, but it gets easy once you memorize a build order

thanks mate

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Wow this is a great concept. Really creative variety of puzzles :) 

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Hi, Max.

I've added an easy(er) mode :)

Haha, it is just very hard. Basically you need to attack enemies very strategically with your sword, and each second counts. 

Hi, Max. It should be working now. 

Happy hunting!

Hi, Max. I will look into this.

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  • Press 1 to switch to upgrade mode
  • Press 2 to switch to build mode
  • Press 3 to switch to melee mode
  • Move with WASD or arrow keys
  • Select towers to upgrade or sell them. 
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Thanks for the comment Ice Rebel! Glad you enjoyed it.

The controls are on the game page but I'll try to add them somewhere in the submission so people know what's going on. 

this looks really nice. thank you