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thanks for the kind words!

Nope, there's only bad endings in this one!

Hi! If you'd like a paperback version, it will be $25 plus $5 S+H domestic US ($25 S&H for overseas). If that's acceptable to you, drop me a line at bitterkarella[at] or DM me at @Midnight_pals on Twitter and we can discuss details.

Thanks for the kind words! <3 <3 :)

Nope, that's a new one to me!

Thanks so much for the kind words! :D

Thanks for the kind words! :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! :)

thanks! :)

thanks! :)

Sorry about that, scroll should be enabled now!

Sorry about that, scroll should be enabled now!

Sorry about that, scroll should be enabled now!


You got the good ending XD

I have not.



Oops! Thanks for letting me know. I'll get that fixed asap.

Use the copper key to unlock nanny's room. (You'll need to hit S to equip yourself with the key first)

If you have the family crest from the library wall, you can use it to enlarge the hole in the wall in the room on the same floor next to the locked room. You can use the hole to access the locked room. Moving the corpse in the room with the hole will cause a reaction that will lure grandfather out of the library. Thanks for playing and let know if there's anything else you need!

Are you trying to get him out of the library?

There's a disguise in the chapel on the 4th floor.

Look at the candelabra to the left of the portrait.

It's a hard life! XD

thanks! :)

Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed it!

thanks :)

Thanks for the heads up! I'll get that fixed asap!

Oh, strange! When you click on the "download now" button on this page, it doesn't take you to a page with a "download" link? Not sure what's going on, but let me see if there's anything I can figure out... What operating system do you use?

thank you! :)

Thanks, gad you enjoyed it! :)

Hey! No worries, this is my fault, just realized the text forgot to mention something important XP... In the light house tower, you can go northwest to get out onto a ledge, where you'll find a nest. If you search the nest, you'll find what you need. Thanks for playing!

oops! Thanks for the tip, I'll fix that up asap! Thanks for playing :)

Go into the AV room and turn up the movie volume. If you play the film at the increased volume, it will cause the jaw to fall off the wall.

Haha glad you enjoyed them! :) Thanks for playing!

Damn, simple but very effective!  That ending really packs a punch.