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Why does the narrator sound like my boyfriend?

nice, can't wait to see what kind of game it is.

lol you are still butthurt?

i just so happened to return to this page to leave a suggestion and was scrolling through the comments when i saw your name.

and anyways, how would i have known that you go on

stop acting like you are some kind of victim, you are embarrassing yourself.

"guis my bday is on april guis lel pls gib me attention guis"

hello, i have a suggestion.

i noticed you implemented a "reserve partner" system where you can switch to a second character inside of the dungeon.

however, when i lose a fight with either characters, i get a Game Over which kinda undermines the whole purpose of having an extra character in your party.

I wanted to suggest a "Two Strikes and You are Out" system where you can lose a fight with one of the characters in your party and continue to explore the dungeon with the OTHER character as long as you don't lose a fight with him.

that would not only make it easier to go through the later dungeons but also encourage players to level up the reserve character and learn how to use them so that they aren't caught off guard when their "main" loses a fight.


are you dumb?

the x86 zip IS the 32-bit version!


i've followed all the instructions (made sure the song i'm adding is in .wav format and copying it to the game folder, noted down its name and bpm in the game folder in Appdata/Local) but it's not showing up!

i would appreciate a Windows version, please.

you need to install CrossOver which is basically like Wine for Linux.

it's an app that will allow you to run Windows software.

you should make some porn.

"that's not how we should deal with our problems"

i agree but this is a game, not real life.

i'm just suggesting ways to add more interactivity, i'm not forcing them on you.

>gay and depressed

just like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (i mean, i got it under control and i'm a half-gay)

also i don't think it's a stereotype, integrating your emotions and feelings in your games makes them feel more alive, more "from the bottom of one's soul" so to speak.

so you don't have to worry about that much haha

interesting but also depressing game...

but besides simulating what the life of a hikikomori looks like, there isn't much to the game itself.

there aren't many things to interact with (would have been interesting if you added the "purchase food online" function to the game and added a bathroom the character could use), no "secret ending" one could try to achieve (*wink* *wink* window *wink* *wink*) and there is an invisible wall beyond the door.

i noticed some typos in the texts that come up when you look outside of the door such as "What if i say something stupig"

off-topic btw but after reading the email in the game and taking a look on your twitter account, i was kinda happy to find out that you are gay :)

btw i noticed some typos during the transitions and in some of the pages the character writes.


i hope your game gets big because something like this deserves to be shown to the world.

i will, i barely made my account just so i could comment on it.

This is...hard to describe. 

The moment i woke up in the apartment and started looking around the rooms... 

i felt a feeling of both loneliness and nostalgia so strong that it was bordering on surrealism. 

and as i exited the building and start walking around the courtyard, it only got stronger.

maybe it's the fact that i hail from an ex-USSR country (Moldova) where such settings aren't uncommon is why this game affects me this much but i believe that it's sad3d's amazing recreation of this unique ambience which really sells the game off.

Молодец, дружище. 

Ты построел штота который ретка можно найти.

Бути гордым!