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Mmmm... Maybe that happens because in Donum there is both a box and a moneybox. I'll check it out.

Llevará un poco de tiempo, pero tenemos confianza en que la campaña salga adelante. Gracias por tu confianza.

¡Muchas gracias! 😉

Now available:

Sí, ya está disponible:

Wow! Thanks a lot! 😉

Gracias 😊

Thanks! More info in a few days.

The answer: 😉

Aquí tienes la respuesta: 😉

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Ya está disponible en formato DSK. Más información en el "development log".

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Es posible... no puedo adelantar nada aún... 😉


Thanks for your words!

English & Spanish demos are the same, the only difference is the text.

The corruption you're talking about is known as "snow effect". As you said, this effect (not a real problem) was fixed in Donum_ENGv1.1.tap. Anyway, such effect do not affect the functionallity of the game, it's just an "effect". More info at the development log.

Maybe, maybe, maybe... 😉


Sobre el dsk, no me lo había planteado, pero estudiaré su viabilidad.

Un saludo.

That's the way!

Night four? That's great. Cheer up!

Donum was programmed using a mixture of Boriel Basic (compiled), assembler and the ZX0 data compressor for text, graphics, music and some code... The chosen decompressor routine is very fast, almost in real time.


Muito obrigado! Espero que gostem e se divirtam 👍🏻

Thanks! ☺️

Otro gran juego de Ariel que toca disfrutar. ¡Enhorabuena amigo!

Another great game from Pat Morita's team. Cool, very cool graphics, music, sounds and gameplay. It's just an another must have game!

This is one of my favorite games for the ZX Spectrum. The CPC version was very good, but this is sheer genius. Do not hesitate to make a purchase now! ;-)

Sin duda es uno de los mejores juegos de los últimos años. Animo a todo el mundo a hacerse con él, merece realmente la pena. ¡Enhorabuena a todo el equipo de desarrollo!

Sorry, it's not planned to port it to any other platform at this time. Regarding the source code, is not available. Maybe yes in the future.

Wow! Thanks for the info. I have contacted to find out why and hope they fix it soon.

Thanks for purchasing! I hope you enjoy it.

Muchas gracias! Son parte importante del juego y decidimos incluirlas. Me alegro de que te guste.