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Thank you so much for giving it another go! I'm glad you're having at least marginal fun with it, considering. :)

I agree with your idea about a "number of days survived" or something like that, but I really wanted to finish implementing the "story" so there is an actual end to the game. However, reflecting on it, this might be nice to have regardless since players will have unsuccessful runs. It'd be nice to know how far you got even if you don't beat the game (maybe especially so?). I will probably add that in on the main screen or something.

I have some options/settings stuff on the table, actual attack animations for the Ice Mites (yes, they have names!), SFX, more enemies and environment types, etc.

I don't particularly like the way the plants and enemies spawn, so I'm working on a better implementation of that, too.

I also found another bug while continuing development, so I'm working on that right now. :/

At the moment, if you press in another direction with a valid target while already attacking a different valid target, the attack animation does not reset (like the original campsite bug). I had already thought this would be a problem and coded it not to allow an attack while one was in progress, but apparently my method to check for this isn't working for some reason.

The next update will just be to patch the animation locking issue I described above, but I'm hoping the one after that will be much more significant.

Thanks again!

Thank you for such a detailed run-down of your experience! This kind of comment is super helpful. :)

A couple of other players also posted about the bug you mentioned, and I have fixed it in the version I'm working on but haven't uploaded that build quite yet because I discovered a couple of other bugs that needed to get ironed out (just fixed those and expect to have the fixed version up some time tonight) and wanted to clean up the UI. (It's not quite where I want it, but it's better IMO in the newest version.)

I totally understand the confusion about not being able to go back to a previous screen, and the single-item-per-type inventory. While that is intentional, the fact that it's unclear is the result of the limited time to complete the jam.

In the version I will be uploading I tried to both pare down the text at the beginning and add additional details I thought were important - I didn't want to spend too much time on this though as I plan to have a more diegetic tutorial for the game when it's "done."

Thanks again for playing and I hope you will give it another shot once there's more content for it. :)

Thank you! I figured out what the problem is there, and plan to upload a fixed version some time today, along with some UI updates, and a few other features. I have several other items on my checklist to get to, but in the interim I'd rather people play something that isn't busted.

Thanks again for playing!

Ahh, dang I'm sorry about that! Looks like I might have introduced another bug while I was fixing some other stuff. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I'm still working on the game to make it closer to what I had envisioned when I started so I'll get right on trying to figure out the problem here. Based on what I'm seeing here I think I know where to start.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for playing! I'm continuing to work on it at least through the end of the year. I've got some ideas to make the UI a lot better (and found another bug). the goal is to implement some new areas and enemies along with those areas, as well as a better in-game guided "tutorial" at the top so there's not so much front-loaded text (as Nathcra Games mentioned).

Again, thanks a ton for giving it a go and letting me know what you thought!

This game is an absolute blast! As far as my tastes are concerned, the controls respond exactly like I want them to, and I feel like when I fail, it's my fault. It would be nice to have a little flag on the progression bar telling you how far you made it on a previous run, but other than that the only other issues I saw were (basing this on my own experience) probably related to time constraints, and you're probably aware of them already. The penguin is ADORABLE.

Really nice work. 

Ha ha ha... omg. I shouldn't laugh considering I managed to starve my reindeer to death... TWICE. Great job!

So much about a top-tier platformer is about how it FEELS to control the character. While Macy's controls feel pretty spongy (for my taste) I have to say I'm pretty impressed this works as well as it does, especially considering the time-frame! Great job!

Ha ha ha, I had a whole bunch of ones ready to go, but no time to implement. Hunger, thirst, curses... If I keep working on it I will be working that stuff in. I also feel like, while the basic gameplay is in place, it needs to feel more fluid. it's very stilted because of the turn based play. I don't know - I'm sure there's a solution, I just have to find it.

Thanks for playing

Thanks! I'm looking forward to playing everyone else's games later this evening!

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Oh yeah, for sure. The text was as annoying for me to type as it was for you to read. ;)

I just didn't have time to create a series of guided tutorials before the end of the jam. So, I wholeheartedly agree.

:/ Not sure what the controls issue is about - I'll definitely have to figure that out. If you don't mind, what were you doing when they stopped working? If I can get an idea of what the game was *supposed* to be doing at the time it might give me a place to start debugging.

Thanks for playing anyway!


The game is loading at this point, but does not seem to display properly at non-full screen size in the browser window. Working to get this resolved as soon as I can.

Hey, thanks for posting this, to let me know! There still seems to be some issues with the iFrame display at non-full screen resolutions, but I'm working on that.

When I tried to run the game it never loaded. I'm trying to fix it but I'm not even sure WHY it's not running.

Hey - this was super fun after the initial struggle kind of getting used to the control scheme - video games, am I right?

I agree with pretty much everything GJDZ said - most of which I was going to suggest myself. The Coyote Time thing especially - there was more than one time I was stuck about halfway through  a level only to botch a jump because I was trying to be precise.

I think maybe putting a soft-save after some of the more complicated bits might be a nice "quality of life" feature, just because if a player has made it past a difficult bit only to eat it shortly thereafter can get frustrating. That being said...

I love the spear mechanic! The most fun I had was one of the times I had to start over and just burning through the first half of a level (as I had memorized it by that point) spearing enemies and then pulling it back, tossing it into a wall mid-jump, landing on it, and then hopping up and taking out another enemy. It felt, like... spear parkour?

Anyway, great work - I'd love to play (probably with a controller) a more polished version of this!

Thanks! I had big plans to add some more "juice" but ran out of time; I stupidly joined the jam with only eight days left, so had to forgo some of the polishing.

I shall check out your sub when I get home!

Ha ha ha, good times! That face animation was making me laugh pretty much the whole time. Nice. :D