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As an unrepentant mall rat, I absolutely loved the combination of nostalgia and mystery found here.  I'm bad about finishing games, but I enjoyed this one all the way through.  Nice job, team!  

The new music for the extended (Dec. 2021) version is available here!

Fantastic job, team!  I really enjoyed being a part of bringing Aquatris to life.
The soundtrack is also available here:

The music is up on SoundCloud, for anyone who enjoyed it:

Aw, thank you!!  Well, I definitely know what "crunch time" feels like...and sometimes I have these grand visions for a project that have to get scaled down to a more manageable size with the understanding that maybe I can revisit the project later and do a better job.  Case in point:  I have a lot of piano recordings that need to be redone with better mics/piano/playing!!!

Ask away:  I'm busy too, but what you have is that rare occasion when a musician actually does want to just "gain experience" with something!  Most of the time, we hate being told "you'll gain valuable experience!" and then not getting paid for a gig.  I'm still getting used to how game jams "work"/flow, but I imagine that it's okay to take music written for a jam and then rework/reuse it in some other non-jam it's not going to waste even if the game isn't finished in time (or gets posted in an incomplete state). 

I would lean towards A, D, and BackSpace, myself; though, if it's easy enough to do, perhaps both options simultaneously!  

Hey everyone!  I really love both rabbits and sci-fi, so I just had to drop by and see if anyone still has any unmet music needs!  I see there's already been a music thread, and Ray's music sounds great; but, my style and skill set seems different enough to go ahead and see if anyone needs/wants it.  You can check me out at and feel free to get in touch (here, or via the email listed on my website)!  I'm more interested in creating something from scratch than sending existing music, but can be flexible.  Time is short and the day jobs are pressing...   Am thinking something light and playful, maybe with a mix of sampled acoustic instruments and synths/pads.  Anyway, have fun y'all!