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Totally understandable, it is a very minor critique; The mode is still fun to play as is! :)

What I Liked:

  • Gun Play is fantastic! I like the fire rate of the guns and how quick the weapon switching is.
  • The color signs were nice to have to show me an immediate path back to the door that requires the key.
  • The sword dash enemy is terrifyingly quick, well done!
  • The player character moves at a good speed.

Some wishlist items:

  • The cool down for the sword throw is already acceptable but it would be neat if it was faster or instant if the player went to the location where it landed and picked it back up.
  • Another neat thing would be the ability to deflect projectiles by swinging the swords at the right time.

Great job! Looking forward to future releases/content!

Guardian Mode is a lot of fun! One thing that would be nice is if the power ups indicated when they are about to expire by having the icons blink or something similar.