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Yeah, that's it! It's in the instructions XD

Thank you!

Thank you for your words.

All the 3 levels have a treasure chest, but is my bad for not putting instructions in-game. The objective is to take all the coins, then a map appears, which when collected makes the treasure chest appear... I tried to make it clear, but I see that I completely failed doing that XD

Thank you so much! ºwº

OMG! Thank you! I always enjoy watching people playing something made by me >u< also, I'm glad you like the graphics, I tried to make them simple to finish the game in less time, but still I couldn't do it, lol

Thank you! and ikr, I started it a day later, so that's why it's so unfinished... but I'll try to finish it as soon as possible, I have many ideas for this game ºwº

Thank you for hosting this wonderful jam! I had a lot of fun making "Trasure Miceland", despite having started a day late XD. 

I don't know how much did you played my game, but in the notes you wrote you said "Weak connection to theme (never found treasure or bounty). Clean execution but feels overly simplistic without goals or destination." but the thing is that the game does have a treasure and a goal (despite being incomplete in everything else)... so I feel a bit baffled by that.

I need to make a lot of things xd

Thank you :) I've been working on the game these last days and I already have an updated version (Maybe a little too much late), the game is almost complete, I'll try to finish it within the next hours

Thank you so much! I'll try to finish it as soon as possible!