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Thank you for your feedback!

Sorry for the trouble regarding the missing save feature and the game instantly shutting down when you hit exit. A save system would have been the next thing on the list of things we wanted to implement. But I'm happy to hear you had some fun anyway! 

We had a lot of ideas, the map was supposed to be much more complex and there were plans for lootable equipment (even multiple weapon types) ...dream big, right? We didn't consider the more casual mobile route but you're absolutely right, this could actually be a really good base for a mobile game.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Unfortunately we missed the first 1.5 weeks so we couldn't implement and balance everything as planned. Originally the mushroom was supposed to sit in the middle of the screen, with enemies coming from both left and right. As you can probably imagine, we also had more interesting enemies planned, demanding more interplay between your weapons and shield.
In the same vein, the skill tree isn't nearly finished right now and the map has nothing in common with the one we originally planned (progress was supposed to be much more explorative and procedurally generated) . We simply ran out of time.

You must have been rather lucky with your stats if you had no problem progressing whatsoever at any point. We always had some point at which we couldn't progress without repeating one or two levels. :)

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I absolutely understand your reasoning but there's very little a newcomer or really small dev could do marketingwise to compete in this category. Don't you think this will simply end as the "who had the biggest patreon crowd at the start of the competition"-award?

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound ungrateful. If that's more or less the intention of the People's Choice award, that's absolutely fine! 

This is a fantastic game for puzzle lovers! 

Graphics and sound are lovely. The gameplay is flawless and features a good amount of levels that are really well designed. New mechanics are introduced on a regular basis and all of them fit really well.  Just a really pleasent and fun game overall!