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the tweaks I made at Mikey's recommendation are detailed in the "playbook updates" devlog!

Thank you so much for this detailed and thoughtful review. I wrote this game very quickly with very little testing for a jam, so I'm glad to hear it has some replayability! Very cool that you were able to use it for your Armor Astir campaign!

absolutely, please feel free! email is totally good, thanks for checking!

thank you so much for this review, i'm so glad it ran okay! there were some things that felt a little clumsy to me while i was writing the playbook but that i wasn't sure how to fix, so i'm curious about the tweaks you ended up making

omg thank you so much for this super helpful and insightful comment! you're totally right - the mech should have the opportunity to question the pilot as well. i will make an update in the rules as soon as i have time!

im yelling, this is the sweetest comment ever. so glad u enjoyed, and very glad to hear the flow was good! thank u so much for playing!