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Loved it!! Looking forward to part 2!

Cool Game!! Loved the twist at the end!! (Though I kinda guessed it beforehand)

Awesome game! Any chance there'll be more?

Cool game! Any chance we'll see a sequel?

Fixed version of the game

I couldn't get past level 2. I'm sure it's possible, but I don't have the mental fortitude for it...

GG mate

Here's another gameplay video. Enjoy.

It's OK. I wasn't impressed.

Best. Horror game. EVER!

Nice stuff! Here's a video I recorded about this game!

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Nice! Looking forward to the full game!

Always thought that Mister K video would've made for a cool short horror game. Nice to see someone else thought the same! Good work!

Here's a walkthrough + review video I made:

Cool Game.



There's a sequel in the works! Here's a sneak peek of the current build!

Did you guys know there is a sequel!? Check out my let's play of Ice Age Baby Adventure 2 here (download link in the description)

Here is my let's play of this absolute masterpiece of modern indie game making. Bravo to the developers for making such a piece of art possible. Please feel free to use the footage for whatever!

Very cool! Here is some gameplay i recorded. Feel free to use the footage for whatever

Made a gameplay video of this AWESOME game! Great work, devs! Please feel free to use my footage for whatever!

Awesome stuff man! Made this walkthrough video awhile back, just thought I'd post it here again. By the way, do you have any intentions of making a sequel? I would love you if you made one.

10/10 AAA game right here ladies and gents. For a more detailed review, check out my video:

Epic. Truly amazing. This is the next level in modern gaming ladies and gentlemen. Check out this video for a more detailed review

Let me just start off by saying, I am a big fan of thrilldawill's work. After play Myr Krab's Overdoses on Ketamine, I knew I had to check out some of his other work. And it did not disappoint.

Here's a brief video review that I made:


Really cool! Loving the visual style of this game!

Love this game! Finally a horror game that's actually got interesting gameplay!

Frosty's gone pyscho in this short horror game!

Nice work! Very humorous!

These short horror experiences are my favorite! Nice work!

Got triggered on the first puzzle. Gave up. Good game tho!

Bahaha good stuff

Funny stuff man!


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Gameplay starts at 1:18:33

Dope game. starts at 35:14

Gameplay starts at 27:56

Gameplay starts at 0:52