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Wow, thanks Zalo! I tried my best with the music, writing my own driver to convert the pico8 sounds. I still think it sounds a little off, but I really wanted to get in time for the compo :)

Wow, thank you! It's awesome to be in such good company. There are so many good games in this compo!

Glad you liked it!

The player has 8 frames of animation after the user presses a button, but before the monsters take their turn. So I was thinking I could split up the AI calculations over these 8 frames, perhaps using LY as a signal to bail out for this frame. For the most part this would work since the player's new location is updated immediately. The only trouble is some of the powers have delayed effects (e.g. bolt doesn't hurt a monster until the sprite reaches its destination). So you can't easily calculate mob AI during the player's animation since the game state hasn't been updated yet. That said, I know at the time of using the power what the effect will be, so I _could_ do it, but it would be tricky to get right.

Fun game! I liked the progressions of the levels, and how the skills are introduced slowly and tested later. I'm interested to see where the gameplay goes from here. Any new powers? Or more environmental hazards to deal with? Anyway, nice work!

Very fun! Only played for a little bit just now, but I'm curious enough to want to finish it. :-)


Yeah, it's pretty addictive! How far have you gotten?

Ah, OK that makes sense. Nice idea for compression! So you're saying 1 byte per block, and the key block position. Then a block count? Or a bit to represent the end of the level data? What's the largest level's size? (Sorry for all the questions, I just really enjoy this stuff :-)

Very nice work, especially considering you've never written C before! I found the game to be a little too hard for me (had to cheat w/ rewind to make much progress haha). I really like the enemy design, and can totally see some RPG-style upgrades working well here. Hope you keep working on it!

Good to know, I was worried about that myself since I never tried running it on hardware! Thanks for the kind words :)

Thank you!

Thanks! Yeah, I really like the design, it feels like there are a lot of clever things you can do to win :)

Great game! Really sucked me in. Definitely stresses me out to play, but I guess that's deliberate :)

I was a bit confused at first, but finally got it and had a lot of fun playing. I'm still not very good at it, though :) Also, your source code is really nice -- great work!

Dang this game looks great, and has a really fun puzzle mechanic too. Nice work!

Very nice and satisfying to play! Agreed with others, the art style is great too.

I had a lot of fun playing through this! Not really what I have to do when I'm "adulting" but I can relate for sure haha :)

Wow, this looks very polished! Very nice work.

Looks great for being unfinished! Would love to see this turn into a full release.

Feels really good to play, and looks great. Nice work!

Thank you! It still lags a bit too much for me (processing monster movement takes a few frames) -- I wanted to move this calculation to when the player is animating, but didn't have time.

This is pretty fun! Not sure how you made 10000 non-procedurally-generated levels, that's amazing :-o

Thanks, I agree :) Something about this lofi aesthetic really appeals to me, which made me want to make a port in the first place.

Thanks! I've been enjoying the stuff you've made too (Echo is too hard for me tho, haha!)