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I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks :) I'm using Godot Engine. ;)

Very funny game! I love it. <3 :)

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Yes I am :) I could have translated those kind of short conceptual games but maybe later! You can guess the 3 little actions:

Key: 1=Draw 2=Give life 3=Apocalypse 

Just use the arrow keys, enter or space bar, and switch the mode with 1, 2, 3 on the num pad and enjoy this small Conway’s Game of life implementation.

It’s not a big thing but it was fun to use rpg maker 2003 which doesn’t permit to write scripts but only allows to use limited built-in event commands. (That’s the principle of my small « BilouConcept » serie. :))

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac to see if it works by myself, from now you are the first to report this issue, some told me it worked... I’m sorry for that and I hope the web version works on your navigator!

Thanks for the report!

Thanks! :) That’s right, it’s not a good idea to jump when you ride a bee because the landing is hard on it, for the next version I will enlarge the hitbox for the bees. :)

I m glad some of you likes the musics because it’s the first time I compose this kind of music. You can go on SoundCloud search for my account « bdb04-j », there is 14 more sounds I composed for this game, named « Bilou 01 » to « Bilou 16 » :)

Thanks. :) All the graphics are original and I made them for this game only, unfortunately. I explain at the end of the demo that I want to keep them unique and it would be hard to use them in another context (it’s not tile-based). 

If you are looking for free assets I’ve done later, you can go on my profile to see the « Free RPG Asset Pack » :)

Thanks! =)

Yeah, that's a funny bug, but that's a bug. ^^"
It is when you "hit" the head of the snail while he is "walking"
I fixed it for the next update!

Thanks for the feedback! :)


I wasn't sure to keep this mechanic because it's different from the usual platformers, but it's natural for me to squish up that mushroom. =)

Thanks for the downloads, I hope I will see some prototypes/projects done with these assets! :)

I was under pressure, haha, I happen to spend hours on a single sprite otherwise!

Haha, yes I am. :)

Vraiment très chouette comme début de jeu ! :D
Je t'encourage à le continuer !