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Had a good time, manage to beat it. Although there was one part where I got stuck on nothing and couldn't move so I had to reset the entire game, but besides that it was good. 👍

This was a funny experience and man was that monkey annoying as hell lol good times 👍

Nice work, I enjoyed the game. I like the checkpoint towards the end, wasn't necessarily (seeing how short the game is) but I appreciate it. 😄👍

Nice and short with an interesting story. Can't wait for more!👍

Saw this game on here for a while and didn't play it until now. I was honestly surprised with it story, I liked the twist at the end. (Although I kinda guessed it throughout the video lol). Great job! Can't wait to see more! 😀

Definitely scarier than games I paid for. Scared the heck outta me! Excellent job guys! Can't wait to see more!  😄
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This really scared and unnerved me! Really well done guys, I loved it! Can't wait for a full release! 👍

This was a great short horror experience, definitely one of my favorites I played. Great job guys! And for anyone curious, definitely check it out you won't be disappointed. 😃My full playthrough here.

This was a very cute Christmas game, I enjoyed playing it. It's short and sweet, the narrator did a great job, made me feel like I was watching an old christmas show. 😊

I loved it! Got the true end the first time through, although it felt like a bad end lol nonetheless great job at the game guys! Can't wait for Paper Lily!  :)

Definitely scared the heck outta me! Nicely done! 

Definitely a MUST get! Absolutely LOVED it! Can't wait for more from this creator.

Absolutely LOVE this game! Definitely had to buy the full game. Love these classic tank control RE type games, and this one is definitely the better ones that are out there. 

Had some scares, nice P.T. clone. Nicely done!

Nice and short, very spooky! G

ot me a few times.

I really enjoyed Night Shift and Feed Me Billy from the pack. Nicely done guys!

This was definitely spooky, I loved it! 

Nice and short, I liked it! 

Nice and short, I liked it.

No sounds in the beginning either, but it's fine. I still enjoyed it and added some sound effects myself. Thanks for the experience. :)

I played it on my channel. I enjoyed it very much, I also replaced the sounds since there were none.

Loved the game, very unsettling and interesting! Got both endings.

Strangely It didn't have any sounds, I check the settings and the volume for sounds were at 100%. So I don't know if it was the file or something but just letting you know. 

I very much enjoyed this, a very unique experience! Much fun! Check out my playthrough of it!  

If you want a funnier playthrough of this game, check out my video!