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Billy the Noob

A member registered Sep 22, 2019

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Ive only played for a few minutes but its ABSOLUTE GARBAGE pretty cool. my main thoughts are about air-to-air combat but i actually have a few other ideas/recommendations too. any other better place to put them? maybe in an email or something?

cant wait for some more updates :)

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I love the idea of this game. i know it's the first version and im hoping for more but i have seen some things that could be changed. The dash function has unlimited usage and allows you to fly by spamming it. it is also kinda annoying that you cannot grab spray cans while near a lamp post or something. The tutorial (the text on the ground in the game) im pretty sure said that you had to look at one of the green boxes to swing from it but it doesnt let you grab spray cans while near one, even if you're not looing at it. The game is pretty fun though and i like the concept. Great job! =)

Ive just played this game for a few minutes and its pretty fun. The concept is funny and original. Great work! :)

This is a pretty fun game and i really like the random generation of levels but the camera is pretty annoying imo. i think that being able to look up would be pretty helpful, especially for parts like ramps and the fountain which take you up to a higher level. i like the game so far thoug

I really like this game, its just great. I also have the new flight demo that was put out and love the VTOL. i like the gun boat that you can find around the map but i think a cool feature would be to add roads maybe to different military bases around the map with covoys with trucks and tanks (which fire back) that players can destroy using air to ground missiles. i feel like it's probably a lot, but i think it'd be cool. and maybe the tanks could take 2 missiles to destroy depending on warhead size? I also think that having clear missions/objectives for the player could be cool. stuff like Destroy Three Enemy Aircraft Within 40 Seconds or Capture an Airfield Only Using Guns.

and also i know this is long and the ideas may be hard to do but i really just like this game.  A lot.   :)   Great job!

I really like the feel and look of this game. I also really like how the wide variety of weapons with different strengths, and the upgrade/ability things allow you to sort of make your own class to fit your playstyle. I think this game would also be great if it had online co-op, or maybe LAN so you can play with your friends. Also maybe a bit of a story, like a background on the character, maybe about the enemies and who/what they are. Such a great game though. :)