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Slugblaster has one of the most creative, vibrant settings I’ve come across–instantly gripping, an amazing bizarro nostalgic world to spend time in. Mechanics do a great job of contributing to this, like switching Forged in the Dark style clocks to the H-O-R-S-E system of 90s-kid playground basketball.

Galactic 2e does an amazing job of simulating classic space opera, and there are a lot of creative supplements from the jam that expand what it’s capable of. This is an easy game to jump into, that has great prompts throughout–I especially like a lot of the locations. Also, lateral moves are a cool addition to Belonging Outside Belonging.

I’ve had a lot of fun and laughs playing Purplest Prose with writer friends outside my usual ttrpg crew. The prompts play into tropes well and guide you through some really fun twists.

Escape from Dino Island is one of my favorite one shots, and an easy one to get to the table as the theme grabs gets so many people excited to play. The playbooks are simple but strongly effective, and the GM structure helps ensure you’ll have tension and an epic ending.

This doesn’t just tell a strong story–it tells a strong story with meaning and impact. It gets into the kinds of detail that are easy to skip, but that make the setting and the stakes more memorable. A great game, with an important message about adversity and hope.

This has a really cool mechanic that would work great for a party game atmosphere with players excited about working together to tell a fun and dynamic story. The author's suggestions about how to use the mechanics, and what they do well, is an incredibly useful addition to the SRD.

Thanks! If you have a chance, I'd love to hear how they work for you!

Thanks! I'm really glad people seem to like it. I have a few other projects on the go that I'm excited to share when they're ready.

Awesome! I love this stuff too. I'd love to hear how your game goes!