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Hi there! We're a team of 2 currently looking for an artist!

While I didn't use your work in this project, I was very busy at that time, I REALLY appreciate your comment and your kind offer!  Hopefully I'll come back to your assets, they look great!Thanks again! Cheers

Thanks bud :) I actually made it even harder to drive...Wheel colliders in Unity 2017 is quite difficult feature to tweak, atleast for me haha..

There's no limit on resets anymore and the distance saves if you quit the game or go to main menu now.

I was lucky to find a guy that took care of music and soundfx! Great composer from the US. There's a link to his website in main menu. :)

Another note, the boost pickups are now stackable up to 3 times giving you a super super boost ;D

Thank you for playing my game and leaving a detailed feedback.Appreciate it!

I just submitted my first jam few days ago and I had a lot of fun building stuff like ai traffic, and other programming related mechanics, while It was very frustrating to implement sfx and model or texture from scratch, so for that reason I want to join or create a team. 

I had fun playing this :) good job 

Love it