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Maybe different buttons for pick-up/drop and use?

Yes that is probably the easiest solution.

Also Ctrl-z first of all moves character, and only after opens spells tab, should be reassign i think.

Good catch, I originally wanted to use z for casting spells (like zapping in some other roguelikes that have inspired me) but as I also want to support the extended wasd for non-vi-key-lovers so I had to put it behind ctrl. I guess I could reassign it to something better for the time being, customizable mappings would be great for player experience but for now it’s to be done.

if order fetch when pet stands on same tile with anvil - you will open anvil tab remotely.

Ahh another nice one! I guess this could be a feature in the future so you could also upgrade your pet’s gear too! The reason this happens is that all creatures use the same actions when interacting with the world, meaning that even monsters can use altars and anvils to a degree. The menus are only supposed to show up when the player is running the action. I guess there is a pet related bug in there.

There is no way to unequip your pet or look what it wears at the moment, right?

Yes for now there is no way to see or manage the pets equipment. I think this goes hand in hand with the equipment/inventory management overhaul mentioned earlier; the overhaul should made so you could easily examine equipment of any creature you can see.

Tried to use bloody altar for second time in same run

Currently the altar has no other functionality than just serve as a way to test the spell casting features. I hope to evolve it into a full alternative play style in the future.

There are still a lot of bugs around the spell casting and targeting system as you mentioned.

while carrying item for pet summoning, thought something interesting would happen, like evolution (like would add left claw as second weapon item and hard scales as second armor item ) or summoning strong pet

Great ideas! I’ll write them down for the future!

I can pick up magic scroll from a ground but only if on same tile lies something else, and if i very need that scroll i can undress in hope that one of my item will be dropped on that tile, and then i pick everything up (doesn’t work with meat).

This is another bug/feature with the item system I hope to fix some day.

Tried to summon second pet while first is still alive, it worked!

Summoning multiple pets is a semi-bug for now, as the starter area is basically reset every time you enter it you can get multiple Mäyriäinens but it is not intended functionality as he is supposed to be an unique friend.

Well, the second pet was summoned but my old one (or new one? I couldn’t tell) refused to obey my commands and just followed me until i entered next floor - then it disappeared.

The game technically supports only one pet, I’ve had plans that the gods could one day send you a friendly summon that follows your orders just like your pet. When I first tested multiple pets the first thing I had to fix was their bloodlust as the pets would attack each other until only one lived :(

Also, what does BLESSED and (M) tags on equipment means?

(M) indicates that the item is imbued with some magic. BLESSED weapons are more likely to score critical hits. Upgrading BLESSED items is beyond the skills of any mortals, so the player must purchase the upgrades from Seppo the blacksmith. Originally the gods could bless your equipment when praying but it happened way too often and was overpowered as blessing an item also raises its dice bonus (e.g. 1d6 -> 1d6+3). I should reconsider this change now that Sarastuskivi is in the game.

The non-existing item on the floor bug is also a known one, for some reason items will sometimes turn into some ghosts when generating new levels :D

You can shoot with Ctrl-z. Shooting depletes your blood meter, you can also cast another spell that trades some of your own health for more blood.

I agree that the inventory and item management needs work to be more comfortable as there is no easy way to see what slots an item would occupy. Using consumables is also very uncomfortable right now, you need to drop them on the ground to use them and you cannot pick them up again without consuming them.

Thank you again for kind and constructive comments!

Hi, thank you so much for playing and leaving a detailed comment!

Currently meat can only eaten on the spot so the player does not hoard a massive amount of it in their inventory. I guess it could spoil after a while in you pockets.

FLIGHT allows you to cross bottomless pits if nothing else is in the way, it also makes you immune to traps since you won’t be stepping on them when flying.

The gods are often displeased with you bother them while in good health. There is a very small chance that they grant you artifacts. If you are missing health or are otherwise ailed the gods are more likely to cure you. The merchant also sells an item that guarantees a reward from the gods, some bosses also drop these items.

The softlock you posted is unfortunately somewhat common in the current version, the only thing that might save you is using a Tuohikäärö of blinking. I’ve worked on allowing the player to swap positions with friendly mobs but there are some bugs still be ironed out. I guess I could also add a “go there” command for the pets.

For the miss chance and combat, I agree the combat needs an overhaul, right now melee is just bump-to-attack with random rolls with a few modifiers affecting the overall chance. I’d like to add weapons with different attack “patterns” e.g. allowing spears and halberds to strike two tiles away, axes could swing three tiles in front of you and so on.

SPOILER: If you explore the starting area where the rats are, you might find a hidden altar that allows you to try the experimental spell casting / ranged combat features. Note that this also makes the game a lot harder and totally unbalanced.

I love the mechanic of building custom ships from blocks! I’ve long had a dream of building a game with similar mechanics to Moonfever ever since playing FTL for the first time. I’m really looking forward to seeing where you take this game in the future, I think it has potential!