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I have Dark Fracture on my Steam wishlist so I'll be buying it when it comes out!

Awesome! I love his films too! I hope you make more games, I'll play them if you do!

Awesome Prologue! I can't wait to play the full game! The graphics and the atmosphere are fantastic! I hope you like my video and please don't take the jokes seriously, I really enjoyed this game and I hope to play the final product soon!!

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I love the atmosphere of this game! I was creeped out the whole time wondering what would happen next, especially once it started getting trippy. Was it just a coincidence that I perceived several references to Beyond the Black Rainbow? Hope you like my gameplay! Don't mind the dumb jokes and commentary

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Dude, i watched your video and called my mom right after. Also I cried a little.

I still haven't found Jasper and I just keep going deeper and deeper into this...lovely place. I really need some help, these slugs aren't doing anything for me. I can't even hear Jasper barking anymore. I'm really sad and I want a snack.

I really enjoyed being an English constable and snooping around the house. I hope you like my totally legit and authentic English accent. I'm American.

Hey guys, I'm still stuck in this sewer looking for my dog, Jasper. There's lots of monsters and abominations down here but they're not very helpful and I think they'd rather eat Jasper than help him find his way back. So if you guys could help me out that would be really great, thanks!

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Time for part 2!!

I love this game!

I'm currently playing Our Secret Below so get ready to see some videos on that as well, I love the stuff you guys do at DSD!!

This game is awesome! I love the visuals and the atmosphere, as usual you guys at DSD have impressed! I'm still playing through this but here is my Part 1 gameplay:

Can't wait to finish this game and play more of your awesome content! Keep it up!!!

This game was really unsettling and scared the crap outta me! I'd love to see more from you!

The Last Door on the Left is the Third (3rd) game in my 3 Scary Games video:

Check it out!

This game made me poop!!

It's the 2nd (Second) game in my 3 Scary Games video

Check it out!

Awesome game! Love the details and atmosphere, can't wait to see the final product! Check out my gameplay, it's the First game in my 3 Scary Games video

I'm currently playing one of your other games, The Subject, and hope to make a video on it as well. Keep it up, love your work!

Hey if you guys could help me out, I lost my dog in the sewer and I'm tryin to get him back. His name is Jasper, maybe you could watch the video and see if you can figure out where he is so I can get him. THaanksss...also Subscribe to the channel!!!!

Awesome game! I couldn't beat it and it scared the crap outta me but I loved it! Great atmosphere, nice concept with the collecting things while avoiding scary monsters. I would love to see more like it or just more stuff from this creator!

Hope you like my video!

(strong language)

Yeah this game is awesome, I had a lotta fun playing it! I hope I see the full game or at least the next episode soon!!

(strong language)

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Awesome game! Very simple and very entertaining, I had a lot of fun making this video

Keep it up, I'd love to play more similar games!

(I say "these graphics are horrible!" in the video, but actually I really like the PS1 style graphics and I play a lot of games like that ;D)

This game scared the crap outta me, I literally jumped! You can see it in the video:

I love the part where you can become a CAN!!!

This little game was a lot of fun and it scared the crap outta me! You should definitely make more or expand on this one!

Merry Christmas!!

Me and this game got along real well for the holidays

This was the 3rd game in my 3 Scary Games feature video, it creeped me the hell out which I really enjoyed!

I used to work with a guy who was missing a finger and a half.

This game is the 2nd game in my 3 Scary Games feature video!

The first playthrough on my 3 Scary Games feature video!

it might seem like I'm making fun in the video, but I actually really enjoyed playing through the entire thing.

I had a lotta fun with this strange little game, you should definitely make more!! Check out my gameplay

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I had a lotta fun playing this little creepy game, check out my hilarious video!

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When I grow up I wanna work at a convenience store.

Feed Me Billy speaks to me on a personal level.....maybe.