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Is there a chance of porting specter knight to together?

bro the main menu music didnt have to go that hard

difficulty makes no sense bots still go nuts as hell you can spam one attack with a character get yo ears bleed, theres no point in using actual attacks screen (besides in battle) is broken some of the special moves are so long that its boring to play and ok game turns into turn base game button smasher, i cant get much fun out of this game theres no limit for these moves theres KI ok but still you can just spam it

great music and funny moments this game is fucking great

its literally 6mb

darn but im still gonna download it and make joke to a friend that this is what he should play than only friday night funkin

straight up masterpiece 1bilion/10 its rick roll reference 
its a great game would recommend to my mom when shes too angry

before i download, is there any hard mode or something harder than the levels i saw in trailer??

hi its school year

i dont know what my score is but game is kinda fun, just the up and down arrow are reversed here than in other games so its kinda hard to get used to. its fun