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Big Trash Games

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This is exactly the kind of trash I like. 10/10

Super cool art and music!

Love the art style and humor. The gameplay itself is confusing and would benefit from an in game tutorial. Then again maybe figuring out whats going on is part of the fun.

Cool art style.

Very cool aesthetic.

Amazing! Totally unexpected. Went in thinking it was a simple curling game, and it ended up being so much more. I do have to note however, after the last dialogue I clicked and it only showed the results screen for a brief moment before closing the game, so I didn't get to read my results.

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Fun and addicting. Reminds me of old flash games I would play back in the day.

Simple and funny. The sound is annoyingly humorous. The trail on the ball was a good idea. I think another good idea would be to add an arrow pointing to the ball when it's off screen.

Cute aesthetic.

Very creative. Nice use of the jam's theme.

Unique and simple concept.