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how do I update the game?


Where can I get an Aphrodisiac? trying to get blake and arion to talk

Alright! Thank youuuuu. time to go grind in an erotic rpg then lmao

Guysssss I can't find oak wood T~T help please. I'm trying to do the "little chores" thingy for Logan

The "permanently telepathic" one XD sorry I forgot the name of it and didnt check

TnT I've been trying to get the 'psychic' achievement and I'm just not sure how to do it. I've tried putting a bunch of boost runes on an awareness ring and then binding it to myself via a chaos alter. my next plan is doing that but with a sight ring. also I didnt know you could use force spells to set off explosive barrels next to something. Also Also, the 'dwarven doorknock' achievement is slightly bugged because it shows up whenever you use it on any kind of door.

Woo! I am just rushing through your games today, lol they are really good. I'm going through and doing the levels that I left unplayed and this is the third game I finished

Wooo! finished this one today as well as the new one

AHA! nevermind I got it

lol uh speaking of... how do you get past that one?

Actually I don't know, I'm not a dev, but that'd be cool.

Yes absolutely

What are the controls

I can start the game but after the initial cut scene it crashes

Thank you

Whats that? Is it a sound, is it just "INCOMING TRANSMITTION"?

How do you do the first one? Also a tutorial would be great, or maybe a walkthrough? I'm so stuck on the first part... It says incoming transmission and the nothing happens. even if i click to listen to the transmitte