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Woo! I am just rushing through your games today, lol they are really good. I'm going through and doing the levels that I left unplayed and this is the third game I finished

Wooo! finished this one today as well as the new one

AHA! nevermind I got it

lol uh speaking of... how do you get past that one?

Actually I don't know, I'm not a dev, but that'd be cool.

Yes absolutely

What are the controls

I can start the game but after the initial cut scene it crashes

Thank you

Whats that? Is it a sound, is it just "INCOMING TRANSMITTION"?

How do you do the first one? Also a tutorial would be great, or maybe a walkthrough? I'm so stuck on the first part... It says incoming transmission and the nothing happens. even if i click to listen to the transmitte