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I am also now on 35 stuck too :)

Still on 33 lol.... hard as hell :)

Very nice - this will be a challenging game

Another excellent game - Thank you :)

those evil arrows lol....A very enjoyable game

Just got it - I can't wait to try it out :)

Are people sick inside the home (green color) ? If so you have to use cure on each one.

Completed the game we need part 3 :) Loved it ! Excellent work Sarah :)

cool - thanks for update

Yes ! purchased :) I can't wait to start playing it

as hard as the arcade :) love it

love it - nice little puzzle game 

the final chapter :)

Finally I had some time and finished it. I hope there will be a 3rd one :)

Nice demo - looking forward to final game :)

you can practice 11 levels as much as you want .... then when ready play the normal game (12 levels and bonus if you find the letters ICON)

oh yes loads of trial and error ! Solid game - great job

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Very hard game but beautiful - I will need to memorize all the sequences :)

Fantastic - the game is perfect and the music is spot on - Excellent work - love it.

Excellent - just purchased - now to wait till 5 pm to play lol...

the security certificate = crt file

just got it - the manual is beautiful and just started the game - it looks amazing

on my list to play for some time now :) 1 more day to wait

excellent game - fantastic work - the gameplay and graphics are top notch - looking forward to what you will produce next

I started playing it, a bit hard but nicely done. I can't wait for Hunchback Redux to come out.

1st purchase of 2023, I am looking forward to going through the mag :)

Happy New Year 2023

Challenging and fast game :) keep eating those bombs lol....

I am blown away - excellent work. I hope we will see more games 

Great game with smooth graphics and nice gameplay - Well done ! This will be fun

addictive - i love it !

Great it is out ! Part 1 is difficult but what is a game without a challenge :)

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1st post - i have to try it used to love the previous version! 

Addictive and nicely done

Had this on my to play list and finally got it - Fun game ! Great work

Awesome game ! May the 4th be with you :)

Thank you very much for the new issue - loads of reviews to read !

Very nice little intro. I just started playing it and i must say i love the graphics and music.

Happy New Year 2022! :) 

Merry Christmas Sarah Jane :)

I finally got the game and it is pretty great :) I was wondering if there is any way the keys to control the ship can be changed 

excellent game ---- stuck at lvl 25 lol ....