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A member registered Jul 05, 2021

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Fantastic - the game is perfect and the music is spot on - Excellent work - love it.

Excellent - just purchased - now to wait till 5 pm to play lol...

the security certificate = crt file

just got it - the manual is beautiful and just started the game - it looks amazing

on my list to play for some time now :) 1 more day to wait

excellent game - fantastic work - the gameplay and graphics are top notch - looking forward to what you will produce next

I started playing it, a bit hard but nicely done. I can't wait for Hunchback Redux to come out.

1st purchase of 2023, I am looking forward to going through the mag :)

Happy New Year 2023

Challenging and fast game :) keep eating those bombs lol....

I am blown away - excellent work. I hope we will see more games 

Great game with smooth graphics and nice gameplay - Well done ! This will be fun

addictive - i love it !

Great it is out ! Part 1 is difficult but what is a game without a challenge :)

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1st post - i have to try it used to love the previous version! 

Addictive and nicely done

Had this on my to play list and finally got it - Fun game ! Great work

Awesome game ! May the 4th be with you :)

Thank you very much for the new issue - loads of reviews to read !

Very nice little intro. I just started playing it and i must say i love the graphics and music.

Happy New Year 2022! :) 

Merry Christmas Sarah Jane :)

I finally got the game and it is pretty great :) I was wondering if there is any way the keys to control the ship can be changed 

excellent game ---- stuck at lvl 25 lol ....

enjoyable and fast paced !

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Pretty good - i like the random mazes - nicely done

Totally Agree ....very addictive and enjoyable !

enjoyable but hard :)  I think i will have fun this weekend :)

Waiting for the Sequel :)

What an amazing game - Great ending - can't wait for the sequel ! :) Fantastic Work !

yep choose Alyssa, then Magic/spell and choose the spell :)

thanks its fixed but now instead of giving 240 for health its either 3 or 4

Crash bug when you take the strength potion - it happened with me at the ruins

ah thanks :)

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i can't find a place to do the fire - Sarah can  you give me a hint ? 

just retried - bug passed ! i can continue the quest :)

no worries. I created a blank disk, launched v1.0, loaded the cart, saved to disk, launched v1.0.1 and loaded the save ...i will try from there. Thanks for the help :)

hmmmm if i use new version with vice i lost all progress....i retried v1.0 and this how it freezes. Is there any way i can reuse the save games in 1.01 and not start over ?

found a bug when exiting the cavern after retrieving clarissa's ring ....a pop op message comes up in purple "hint" and game crashes. I will retry to see if i get the same issue

Just purchased the game - looking forward to playing it

Mancave is loads of fun and a hard game :) The gameplay and humor are great

spaceships where no longer coming but seems working now