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oh ok

Eggmail -_-


Secret Code to prove im real: pee poo funny ha ha this is 2004 now im Cringeyyyyy funny hah ha now im somehow proofing im real, idk 

But are you real?

But are The Games Real?

But How do you Make Games then?

Are you a Dog then? ;>

But are you The Cat?

Havent you seen the Sudden growth?

But now, Did it slip when you said Yes??


Make it downloadable! your Games are too amazing to just be stuck to bein played in browser!

This Game is so amazin, even for such a simple Game!

Strategy has been activated, Hope you'll like the sudden Growth!

You'll no longer be the only man who likes this Game,
im done with not putting Brilliant Game devs like this in the dust,

This Game is gonna Get a lot of views the Following Days

My Strategy has started!
You may now Get Many more views than normally!!

i see Promise in your Game dev future,
i may now use my advertising to make you popular,
Dont be suprised when your getting 500 views everyday

yet you dont know the popularity to come (;

Hope you enjoy your Popularity, (;

The Game is on, you'll be getting way more views FOR FREE!

hmm, i've seen a post saying you need help with becoming Popular, since i have my very own strat's, i'll help this Game

i must be awoken and help this masterpiece

Genius incoming, no literally, 550 views in 4 days
From my Game

it is Strange to see our Best supporter Playing this,
and from what i have seen,
this is made with unreal engine,
Good job AttackMuskrat!