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There will be no Apple version! But there should be a post-jam Linux version.

I didn't plan any unusual controls like that, so it sounds like you've found a bug. Which "segment" does this happen in?

Amazing old school arcade feel to it. I'm terrible at this game but FrankieSmileShow art always makes me smile. 

Simple and adorable.

This feels like a really nice start to something. I want to be able to interact with more of the world items so badly - smash pots, loot barrels, read dusty tomes... Keep going!

Well done, I quite enjoyed this. The CRT shader and occasionally jittery geometry  are pretty great, has a PS1 feel. Clever control design, I discovered I could do things as I needed to. Enjoyed the ending, took me a little to work out what it was doing and then I just enjoyed watching it play out.

Updated: Native resolution is now 1920 x 1080, ESC to quit any time, Backspace to toggle fullscreen. Also made Krillites slightly more visible to make them a little easier to see from a distance. But only slightly ;)