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bignastytruck (violet)

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thank you so much! that's so kind of you

tyyyyyyyyy!!1! =^._.^=   :'-)

thank you so much!!

aaa thank you dri!!! <3

i'm so sorry for your loss - my thoughts are with you and i hope the game was helpful to you in some way!

wow thank you!!

thank you so much!!

unfortunately it's not! was never able to get a browser version working. sorry again! (of course!)

hi! sorry about that - could you tell me what, if any, kind of error message etc comes up when you try to run or open it?

hey, sorry, i'm having some issues with the mac build that i do not currently know how to address and have no real way to test atm, so i'm keeping the mac version down entirely for the time being! so sorry!!

hey! so sorry, totally blanked on putting up the mac version - i've got to test it out but will try to have it up by the end of the week!!

wow thank you, that means a lot!! :)

oh thank you!! that's so sweet :) thanks for playing!!

thanks so much!

thank you, max!! <3

i really enjoyed this!! the multiple endings were really well done, and i really enjoyed the story :)

wow really enjoyed this - the sound triggering was so good!! loved the color palette change with the lightning as well! :)

wow i really loved the flooding effect and the panic to find a place to go as the water raised higher!!

this is beautiful!! i really loved the art, and the final scenes were especially beautiful! loved the recurring choice, and the way it restarts if you choose to leave! the sound design was really nice as well :)

wow, i especially loved the maze inside the mouth!!

this is so cute!! really lovely art!! i love the slime trail!!

thank you! :)

omg love this! so well done!!! and what a nightmare to have to work on void day!!

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love this!! it's really pretty, and i love how much of the town you can explore. really lovely game!! i would never have guessed it was your first, wow!!

omg this is so cute!!!

just added some journey exposures to the drive!! :) :) may add some from other games as well. love open world shutter!!!!!!!!

yayyy i hope you enjoy them!!! :))

you inspired me to make more little guys!!!! i added 9 new ones - you should be able to download them without it making you pay again! if i did it wrong though and it won't let you download them without making you pay again pleeeassssee let me know and i will find a way to get them to you!!!!

omg i'm so glad you like the little guys!!!!! and thank you so much for your thoughts on the manifesto :))

oh that's so nice to hear!! thank you!!

thank you!! :)

this was so sweet, and a real joy to play!!

thank you so much!! i hope the same for you! :)

thank you!!!

that means a lot to me, thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! wishing you well! <3

love this!!! here's my flower/poem :)

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thank you for reading!! :)

this is lovely!! the audio is really great!!

this is so pretty!!