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bignastytruck (violet)

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wow the music changing really added to the increasing anxiety!! i agree that the darkness descending was super evocative, too! i loved the ending :)

hahahaha oh my god this is very good

wow!! this is really beautiful, some of these lines are going to stick in my head for a long time!!

this is very sweet and sad! and i love how you made the waves look!

god the part about the soap leaving your hands feeling grimy!! absolute horror story. i loved how you had the dishes go down (and then back up) one by one in the dishwashing scenes!!

this is so lovely!! i loved moving the needle around to reveal the stitches, and the end was so sweet!!

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this is very sweet and very pretty!! love this!!

ᘛᕐᐷ 👀

it's so cute!!!!!! <|:•)  <|:•)  <|:•)  <|:•)  <|:•)  <|:•) obsessed with how the chickens look especially

:-) <3

wow, so so beautiful

this is really beautiful! a really lovely experience!

thanks! :)

thank you!! :))

SO thrilled to hear that, thank you for playing

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wow this is so so beautiful!!

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looove this!!! love the sound, and love the last two sections especially!!

haha just a coincidence actually!

thank you ^_^

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so true ^_^ thank you

thank you ^_^

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so epic and so fashionable..... thnk you.... ^_^

thank you!! :))

oh my god poison omelette!!

thank you!! <3 :)

thank you! :)

adore this!!!

oh, bleebo..... every time i lose your little game and i make you cry, it is like a dagger to the heart..... i must do better by you, bleebo..... i'll keep practicing.....

thank you!! :)

thank you!! :)

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thank you!!!!! :) you're right - now that i think about it, this is pretty zine-y!

haha true! thanks for playing! :)

thank you!! :)

thank you!! :)

i'm so glad you like it!! happy holidays!! :)

wow!!! this is so cool!!

so cute!!

love this!! so pretty, so sweet

love this!!

love this!!