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tested on opera gx and microsoft edge

yep, did that still the same issue persists

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skipping cutscenes is bugged, space sometimes crashes the game for some reason, great game overall though. also some keys will just stop working on webgl build for some reason. 

this is a really fun and addictive vr game, any plans to port it to quest 2? i have pcvr but it'd be nice to run it standalone on quest

damn, try the classic map. its easier imo

Amazing little game, love the way you interpreted the theme. Well done! (great logo btw)

this game is meant to be played in fullscreen. its difficult to restructure all of the levels specifically for this issue. if you press the fullscreen button it should fix your issue.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll probably be optimising it and officially releasing it for mobile after the jam version has been judged.

Great game, well polished and addictive mechanics. a score based infinite mode would be great.

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thanks for the feedback, its really appreciated! ill probably change it according to your feedback.

ah ok good to know, and again thanks for the feedback it means a lot =D

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! did you experience a bug with the lighting at all? i've seen some people with integrated gpu's experience bugs but im unsure if thats specific to only integrated ones.

I like the concept and the take on the theme, I think (if you want to go in this direction) with some automation and polish this could be a great idle game. Nevertheless in 3 hours this is pretty decent, well done!

for 3 hours this is pretty decent, with a context menu to display the castles cost and if a few other methods of automation were added i think it could be a pretty good idle game. well done!

this is a pretty good game for 3 hours, i like the music and art style i think if the camera showed more of the game, you added more levels and it was polished a bit it could be a really good game!

I like the interpretation of the theme, i think this small little puzzle game could become something much bigger. it has potential.

you can zoom out, its just a really big resolution window

Sound like a cool idea. just as a heads up there is a cap to how fast fish can spawn. its a relatively high cap so its nothing to worry about but in the sandbox mode i will add unlimited fish spawning. oh and fish spawning is very buggy when it reaches a certain value and so is movement speed. movement speed has a more obvious cap  and the reason being anything over that will be extremely buggy. but if you so wish i will uncap it and add a sandbox mode which does sound pretty cool. Would you like to see anymore upgrades added to the game and if so what should the upgrades do?

What would you like for the ending? would you like me to remove it or would you like a different ending. please tell me your thoughts so i can improve.

This is a great game for how small it is. well done! i really enjoyed it and i like the concept

I really like the controls, camera and movement. definitely could become something much bigger. 

Cool game, a few difficulty spikes but overall a great game for 3 hours.

This is a great game, its sad that it doesnt have the recognition it deserves. well done!

how exactly do you know that? dont accuse someone of something when you have any evidence of anything.