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Thank you for watching! Looking forward to playing more games from you!

I experienced a little hiccup with the combat initially, but outside of that, what a tremendous game! That intro section is the wildest start to ANY SpongeBob Horror games I have played. And don't get me started on the Formula, LMFAO!! Top tier work, Triple Dev! 

I didnt know what to expect when I booted this up...but MY GOD what an experience! I went from annoyed to absolutely TERRIFIED in a matter of minutes. THEN thr ending was executed beautifully. Glad that I played this and looking forward to more from this dev!

This weird ass Lamp Post was catching mad bodies. We never stood a chance. The game was a fun ride from start to finish, thank you for the experience!

I definitely got caught by that jumpscare. It subverted my expectations perfectly! I had a good time playing this fun title and look forward to what's next!

This game sent me for a RIDE!! I felt every emotion, joy, sadness, fear, confusion and everything in between. What a tremendous time at Shrek's Hotel, thank you for the awesome game!

Man, I thought Willie was gonna pack us up WAY EARLIER than he did. The games slow descent into madness was cool, but more variety in gameplay would have made all the difference. It felt like the game almost dragged for too long, but you were able to get me back by the end. Can't wait to see your next project!

Damn Alex, what a F**KING GAME lmao!! This was a trip of the highest degree. Never did I think Garfield could be so damn twisted and psychotic all at once. It was a pleasure to play your game and CANNOT WAIT for your next title!

I only got a chance to try this game as I played it as a part of a bigger gameplay, but I loved the creepy ass environment of the woods.  Definitely want to double back and try some of the other maps and Tubbies!

Finally got a chance to paly this one. The atmosphere was wild and my mans sounded like he needed a Halls cough drop bad af! Keep up the good work!

Ronald back on his bullsh*t lmfao!! The new kill animation had me HEATED but I love the new addition to the series! Couldn't figure out the last secret ending tho

I got a chance to play this for a multi-horror gameplay. I will say it felt like it ended before it started imo, but I love the tension that was set up during. I look forward to trying another one of your titles in the future!

This game was fun af!! I hope you decide to flesh this game out and make it a full project. The possibilities are endless with this and I would love to see it!! 

I had a great time! This cult wild af tho...they just masked up an meated out lmao!! Definitely need to try another one of your games

What a twisted Christmas prep list! It took me a min to find everything, but I had an good time playing none the less. Gunther and I might have to throw hands though...

Another crazy ass game from Vidas! Santa should have know something was up when there wasn't any milk and cookies out! As always

, can't wait for the next one!

I had a good time playing this game! The gun animations were clean and it was a pretty simple premise. Them trees were throwing mad hands! I look forward to trying another one of your games!

I don't know why our character thought messing with a man named "Baby Face" wasn't gonna end TERRIBLY!! Another enjoyable killer from NoxusGames. I loved the way that you guys handled the basement section (especially the final section!) and I can't wait for the next entry!

This was an experience! IT's one of those games that, until you play it, you can never truly grasp just how demonic Three-Headed Santa can be. This was my first experience with germfood, but I definitely gotta check out some more from them!

Lebron was on some DEMON TIME this game! The jumpscares that occurred throughout, along with his impeccable chase skills, made this game for me lol. Glad that I played this reimagined version of a classic! 


Santa's ASS almost made me lose my MIND!! What a wild ride at the end of the game (seriously...the ride is INSANE lmao). Glad to play another banger by you, Vidas!

Frosty wasn't playing any games this year! Yo went 4 for 4 like a Wendy's deal and all hell broke loose!

This  game was a trip and a half! I definitely didn't expect how this all unfolded but I had a fantastic time playing it!

Dawg, Kate gotta stop messing around in these streets! She a piece of meat and EVERYBODY wanna taste!! I can't wait for the full game to drop, great game frfr

What a creepy ass game lmao! I will never look at Thanksgiving "shopping" the same after playing this...

Interesting game, I wish I had more since of dread though. I loved the ending stretch but that joint had me heated! Without spoiling, if the ending stretch of dialogue was SLIGHTLY different (saving the final line for when you get control) your ending would be perfect IMO! looking forward to trying more of your games!

A great time with this one. Getting marched down by this guy would be terrifying! I'm still SALTY AF for how we got saddled with this demon to begin with lmao!

David Mills back at it with another BANGER of a game! This was everything I could have wanted my G! Appreciate all the TLC that was done to ensure that killing the Road Runner was as satisfying as we've dreamed of!

I love some 616 games and this one was no exception! This chick was crazy as all get out lmao! Thank you for the tremendous game

What a freaking game! Without spoiling anything,  it was probably my favorite FtF yet! And as an underrated surprise, you added the ability to wash your hands in this entry...11/10

I've OBVIOUSLY been sleeping on da Boi!

Bro, what a FANTASTIC game!!! The atmosphere, the slow build, followed by a BANGER of an ending...I'm definitely going back to play your other titles. Thank you for the experience!

Can't wait!

Short game, but I enjoyed the setup for it! I wish there was more chances to use the pistol but such is life.

Boy...This game was CRAZY! Them jumpscares damn near took me out lmao! You got a ton of talent so I can't wait to see where you go from here!

This game was pretty good!

I wasn't skilled enough to obtain the second ending but the setup for the confrontation with Teke Teke was TOP-TIER! 

I had fun with trying to duck and dodge Ronald! Only issue, maybe not even that big of one, was the sprinting. I felt like I was moving faster by tapping it versus holding, not sure if that was intentional, but I had a good time regardless! 

This was the third game I played for this video. I was really hoping for some more opportunities to let them bullets fly to avenge the guy. Would love to see this fleshed out a little more as it definitely has potential!

Had a great time with the game, though I wish it had more scares! The tension building was good though and the art style was definitely unique!

I hate this guy, always pulling up on me when I'm minding my own business!! Great game as always from Noxus!

Loved them both bro! Had to support a dev going above and beyond!