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There doesn't appear to be any reason to not spam click the button, maybe lose points if you click too soon?

Great work on the menus, would be nice to see what the numbers are on the board for dart plebs like me that don't remember what all the numbers are

wow! Thanks for dedicating so much time to my game, I really appreciate the effort you put into this. I don't think there is a single thing you mentioned that I would disagree with. I was surprised you got it to crash at the end, that was something I had never seen. I didn't want to advertise it on the page, but +/- on numpad lets you skip around levels (didn't have time to put in level selection and local storage). I think my biggest takeaway from the jam is to settle on a theme earlier, as you noted the background, platforms, objects and player don't really promote a single unifying theme. Thanks again, this is incredibly helpful