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Will 2000 and 3000 be part of Worldstage (or some future expansion that requires Worldstage)?

Also, there's a 000 you still don't have yet - SCP-000, a Pattern Screamer that emerged from the SCP Foundation's own numbering system.

Just started playing, and there's something possibly accidental that's really effective at getting a certain feeling across. Whenever I click a feature on an X-ray, the game briefly freezes and goes silent, as if loading. But it also accurately depicts the brief moment of frozen horror when you find something that really shouldn't be there.

In the alternate version, might I suggest replacing the Triforce with a triskelia or the three pieces thereof?

Since you've transformed this game into something new, might I suggest the name Trite Nap?

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The key needed to activate the rocket has since been recolored green, as has the door to the rocket's switch.