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Isn't it so great when you are super far into a run and a red tank spawns on top of you and instantly kills you upon entering an arena? Also, the AI is not fixed, they are still getting stuck in corners, other than that, this is way too addiciting.

I was not able to properly add a tutorial in with the little time I had, so most people would not be able to tell who the hitman is. You're not suppose to trust anyone, but the hitman tends to follow you a lot more often. The tiles I did not know how to fix until after I submitted, so I will be able to fix that after the game jam is over. The music in game is not suppose to be everywhere, and in fact there was suppose to be an ambience played when outside of the range, but we also did not have time to add that in. Thanks for the advice though!

If I had more time, I would have finished the clipboard and added a notifier, but the clipboard wasn't a priority and so I added it towards the end and didn't have to much time to work on it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the tile snapping tips, the controls being sluggish may be a problem with lag though, I don't know what but around the final couple minutes of coding, the game started to get some random or constant serious lag, unfortunately I did not have enough time to fix this.

I think I found the winning game