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Black & white printer-friendly versions up! Added a simpler low-ink cover, but also feel free to print without it – and thanks for checking out the game!

hey, yes! Let me work on that and I’ll post it here soon — thanks for asking 😌

hey, thanks for checking it out! And fair point. I might update soon with some optional rebalancing for a higher difficulty — for now, I would say take -2 distance anytime you allow a spade to fail (that is, you don’t save the corridor by spending 1 fuel). This is in addition to the -1 distance you’ll also have to spend when you move from the spade onto a new card (as the corridor is locked down and jettisoned out into deep space behind you). After all, that’s a pretty noisy affair.

It helps make fuel more precious and consequential, and thus requires a bit more balanced luck on your path. I hope that offers some more challenge!

I’m so glad! Thanks for making such a fun, flexible, and inventive system with Carta 😊

thank you so much!

thanks so much!

Oh wow, I'm so sorry I missed this comment a while back! And our naming mishap 😅  please feel free to keep your planned adventure name, no qualms from my side. I'd be overjoyed for people to come across both of our very-specifically-inspired passion projects haha.

I just bought Enter the Survival Horror and it looks fantastic. Deep and nuanced and fun, and full of that perfect tension.

Looking forward to your first adventure!

I'm so glad you're excited for it! I loved the card-laying mechanic for building a dungeon so much when I played Escape From Demon Castle Dracula that I just had to hack it. I really hope you enjoy playing!

What an absolutely killer game!! The mechanics are so fun and inventive and straightforward – totally accessible to anyone, and the book is absolutely beautiful to read through. The art is gorgeous and moody, the descriptions set such a creepy-yet-majestic tone, and I had a blast playing this. One of the most unique tabletops I've played, and now permanently one of my favorites.

Got it as part of the Solo But Not Alone bundle, and it was the first game I tried  – I'm so happy this is where I started. Village Witch is a really moving, well-honed, introspective and imaginative game. I enjoyed it deeply and moved through some profound emotions over the course of the changing seasons. 

This is a wonderful game that can be as brief or as long as you'd like – and I highly recommend it!