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Hi there, I wanted to do a review of this game, so without further ado, I'll just jump into it.

I'm gonna be real blunt for a minute: I do not like this game. Simple as that. Conformity is not necessarily a bad game, but it needs work. I liked the graphics of the game, and how it presents itself as campy and creepy. However, make sure that the items that need backs (such as the magazines) have back textures. I was confused at first, and it kinda bugged me for some of the other books/magazines I examined. The flashlight hand looks like it defies all lighting for the dark rooms, and it also looks like I'm using another's arm. Second, the sound design was meh for me. The TV noises or the rocking chair should be making noise from far distances, not a quick fade-in when you're nearing them. The footsteps (for the second floor) just didn't sound right either. It kinda knocked me out of the cabin feel and into a basketball court or something akin to that. Also, if you're gonna have jumpscares in your game, (in reference to the kitchen) at least use or make a unique sound, not some stock sound that is cliched to hell. The jumpscares (especially the second floor one) were not good at all. This prototype really leaves me wanting more, which I suppose is a good thing, since it feels kinda bare-bones at the moment.

 I apologize for any harshness or if I was too critical, as reviewing games are still new to me. However, I wish you good luck on developing the rest of this game. I really want to like this game, but there's not a whole lot to see that I like to see. Maybe with the full game there'll be more elements I may like, but I'm not sure at the moment. Despite this, let this push you forward into making something better.

Hey there! I thought I'd do a little review on this game! So to begin, I absolutely loved the art, music, and the overall style it was portrayed in. The art to me was unique and the sprites were interesting to look at. (especially in the second act!) The music was very nice and pretty, but also built tension in this. It might have been just me, but the music in the first act had a sense of dread, which helped me recognize that this little town is, well, odd. This game's overall look made me think twice, because I thought it was gonna be a normal RPG maker game, but it was a nice change of pace, having a simple side-scroller! There were only a few critiques, like a few typos here and there, and the walking speed, and some of the minigames threw you right in, leaving you with trial-and-error. (not that was a bad thing, but I got lost a few times with the second act's set of games) 

*spoiler territory, beware!!*

Now, one thing that kinda a little rough for me was the chase scenes, both Dumpling's and the worms'. Despite getting through both, it took a really long time figuring out what to do for both. I especially struggled with Dumpling because of how you needed to stop, then jump, then run, as I kept falling to my death. The minigames of the second act were more difficult-ish, but I got through them much quicker than the chase scenes. The only thing I'll finish critiquing is the chef mini-game. The constant waiter dialogue was nothing more than an annoyance. (that's pretty much it) Now that that's out of the way, I loved the trial-and-error stuff. I had to figure it out for myself, and the sense of relief was nice after completing. I also really enjoyed the game's concepts and story, as the game required both acts to understand more of what's going on. I thought the 'tea battle' scene between Milk and Sissy was cute, and I loved the characters, and exploring Sissy's character and her hardships. I also enjoyed how quickly the second act dropped the cutesy act for something more macabre. Also it was interesting (and creepy) seeing how Sissy was getting around the town in the second act.

*out of spoiler territory*

All and all, this was a very unique game with a couple of quirks, and I really enjoyed the experience. I'm really impressed by the quality and aura the game has and would definitely recommend this to a friend!

I think this is a great demo! This really started off with a bang, and got super crazy real quick. It did seem a little in-your-face to me, but that's just probably because I prefer some subtlety, but that's beside the point. This game certainly has my interest piqued, and I can't wait for the full release! Cheers!

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Guys!! I found something on the website!!! I hit f12 on the site and found another link in the element! was the other website! It asked for a code, and I grabbed the code from Penguinn's doc (and removed the spaces), and it worked! You guys should see the site, I feel like there is something in there that can help.

Edit: The tab name is zapewnienie pomocy, which when translated, says providing help.

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The code picture. Sorry for not being that specific!! There were 5 letters right next to the A1Z26 thing, szyfr

Edit: ohhhh, that makes a lot of sense now

2nd edit: Might as well delete that comment then, lol

Sounds like a good theory! Although, I don't have the slightest idea where to find a code nor input it...

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Quick update, and I translated the documents I found, aka Story of one Person (found in bin):

story of one person
one person returned late from work. when he came in, no one was at home. there was nobody at home. his lamp has staggered. fast. She hears! from the basement. he decided to stop. it was dark below. he walked forward until he saw the light. bright light. light absorbed it and then

, and His Name (found in jego imię):

His name is Andrzej

I also looked at the exes. 

After playing them though, I didn't gain much, nothing on my computer has been harmed, and the main exe is still unplayable. Feel free to further elaborate on this.

I just checked the stuff in the file, it seems harmless, but I didn't really explore all the exes. I'll update later on what I find

Okay, I explored the rest of what I could, and I didn't find much? It's odd, and I did find playable exes. It's just the main exe that isn't functioning. Is it supposed to be like that?

Hi there! I really wanted to play this game, but every time I try to run it, I get an error #284: missing core files. Can you possibly help me with this? Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply, but I like the update! I noticed the little changes that were made, and the ending was very good! Seeing this makes me even more excited! Good luck with the other parts!

Hi there! I like the concept of recreating IMSCARED, and plus I liked how the game looked and it kind of like wasn't a direct copy of the original, which is always good! My only problem was concerning the flow of the game, as I finished quite quickly for my liking, and felt it was wayyy too short. But after a bit of digging around here, I now understand why it's so short. But even so, it didn't have a whole lot to it. For the next segments, try and branch out into mechanics that might startle the player, or more areas to walk and explore more of this story. I apologize if I sounded too rude or anything, but you did a great job on this game, and I'm very excited to see the next part! Good luck!