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MAC version?

All good, its a great game, hopefully il be able to play some time in the future. Keep up the hard work.

Hey man, completely understand the frustration, just a recommendation that you remove the mac version on the page if you have stopped the game on MAC. As i would usually download the game if i see theres a mac option available. Especially new people who don't see this message as they have not followed yet.

Definitely finish Rowley, and even start Arthurs route :

On the MAC download it comes up with an unknown error.  Error:EROFS read only file system.mkdir'/private/var/folders/jv/jwcv295n3537mlv17n_2c8140000gn/t/apptransaltion/DE2F7365-BF18-4BE8-9FD7-C097B789043D/d/'

will there be a mac version?

Is this Vn abandoned? 

MAC version?

Will there be a MAC version?


learned my lesson,  need to start looking properly at creators pages 

Great VN, look forward to seeing future work :)

Great comic, very short thou. You should definitely do a VN at some point your stories and art work would bring something new and really needed. Great work!

Great VN, love the characters and story, love to see this evolve even more.  Great work. Be great to see some intimacy with the two main characters.

Don't think it has been abandoned, its put this on hiatus and working on a new VN called Lust. Last update the creator gave said they needed a break from this VN for now and is only working on Lust but will be back at some point.

Will this be available on Mac at some point?

Sglad this VN is still alive had so many abandoned.  Great work cant wait for the police Chief update. 

Sorry for your loss, you got a good community behind you here to support.

I was not sure about this VN t first but really enjoyed it, can tell alot of work went in to this and cant wait for the next updates. and MORE HUXLEY PLEASE GGGRRRRR!

will there be a MAC version at some point?

Will there be a MAC version at some point?

出于某种原因,MAC永远无法打开三合一。 只有分离。 与苹果系统的更新有关,所以其他游戏也有同样的问题。 MAC用户只能在单独加载时打开它。

Will you be loading the MAC file? as there is only a I phone version.

你会加载MAC文件吗? 因为只有一个Iphone版本。

All good, look forward to the game when released.  Also ne artist means more good looking sprites :)

Thank-you, just got to remember to keep saving each time

Hi, just downloaded for MAC but the files dont work.  Ive seen this happen with a few VN when they have a zip file together with windows, they never seem to work. 

Dont know if anyone has had this issue?  Only works when i see a separate download file for a MAC.

Really good VN, im interested where this will go to, if its a family love or more.

Really enjoyed the VN, look forward to the updates. you got my support.

Hi, Yep can load the game, just realised theres no english version so cant play.  If you did want to get translations you can ask see if anyone can do it.  I dont mind doing it but would be copy and paste in to a translate site.

嗨,是的,可以在mac上加载游戏,只是意识到没有英文版本,所以不能玩。 如果你确实想得到翻译,你可以问问是否有人可以做到这一点。 我不介意这样做,但将复制并粘贴到翻译网站

All good. I think with MAC computer  its a different file needed. The file might work on Iphone but would not work on a apple computer. But happy to help test see if it works.

一切都好。 我认为与MAC电脑这是需要一个不同的文件。 该文件可能适用于Iphone,但不适用于apple计算机。 但很乐意帮助测试它是否有效。

Is there a mac version? only see a iphone link which is not compatible with MAC. tried google translate below.

有mac版本吗? 只看到一个iphone链接,它不与MAC工作。

I am guessing this is an abandoned game now, shame had alot of potential. 

love it, cant wait for more.

Really fun VN, really enjoyed it, might not happen, would love to see more of the story continue with them

Hi, looks like there is an error when trying to load the game from last update on the Mac version.  It just takes you back to the start of the game instead of continuing. 

I have had this a few times where the game will not open on MAC, i click the Paws& but nothing happens.  And there are no other folders i can see to play the game.  Anyone had any issues and know how to fix?

Some reason i cant get the mac to run the game, anyone had any issues on mac? i choose the run kitty demo icon but does not load.

Really great Vn, look forward to the next update.

I did using the app Unarchiver which loaded it with a symbol that looks like a clock in a hexagon and then says can't be opened.