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If you meant the training part, its already clear and given hint "You need to listen to Drago on his lessons" the more you get wrong answers, the more Drago's life drags more to its demise. That goes the same with your training with Red, you just gotta find the right movement

Huh, I actually thought people would hate the other woof 🤔

Be a demon's fuck toy as much as you want, the others won't notice~ some might but who cares as long as youre having fun~

I'm really sorry about that, me and my friend are still looking for a way to resolve that-

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Small Update just now:

  • Most of the grammars of the new update has been fixed
  • Updated the gallery
  • Added a tiny scene at the end of main story
  • A custom icon for the game(hope it worked this time)

There is no exact date but Im planning to finish all the reworks, and added updates before December :)

There will be but it may take long since red is special hehe, and as for the (if what you mean i) love routes, that is to not be decided yet since we're still close on the tip of the iceberg

You're just in time for the new update

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I'm very glad that you liked the vn so far ^^

Im tryin my best to post it this month

Just make sure to click "Talk to Red" again and again

Which one?

just keep clicking "Talk to Red" 

I've Planned for that in the future updates that he can top some of the demons he meet, so not to worry

There should be an option "Apologize to him" after you walking up from the fight, choose that option

Oh? Ill check up this bug

Ahh that conflict, way before that before you sleep, you HAVE to talk to Red

Before you fight the golem, there are choices with him, choose the right ones, and after fighting the lizard men, there's another choice with him, still pick the right one

I'll separate it and will be fixed on the next update

Here are some of the things you need to know if you want to see the new nsfws:

1st nsfw-You must have the first nsfw of a certain croc

2nd nsfw-Proceed with the story

3rd nsfw-Make sure to check up on a certain blue derg

Just posting this here so no ones gonna fill up the comments with questions about it :3

Its still alive and slowly running,just cant focus on it because of irl situations, educations and stuff

Nope, its back in working in progress

Apologies for making you all waiting for a long time, been busy with irl situations that I've lost touch with my VN, but with my hands back on this work, I'll try to update the game within this month or next

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(edit) That's actually another kid telling the naughty kid to be more careful, that's not Red's line.

I'm slowly working back on the coding for the game again, not to worry

Not sure, Im still busy with my irl situations

Keep on choosing "Talk to Red and you will proceed on the next day for sure, the reason why you have to talk to the crocodile is that something is about to kill him and the only way to stop it was to be seen, and if you remember, the bear was still downstairs, and when he got out of Red's room, thats when the unknown entity snuck in and slowly taking the crocodile's life.

Ahh blowjob is the only nsfw he has for now

Ill take care of that, I'll just separate it into two dialogues

There should be an option when you wake up after the fight, choose to "Apologize to him"

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Theres gonna be an nsfw for Tchort, theres no nsfw for Havelock yet since its already planned to when it will be added, and possibly another nsfw scene but not sure who yet

Depends if I have lots of free time, Im mostly busy during school days

The points are still for extra dialogues and no scenes yet, if you're wanting to see an nsfw scenes, you just gotta pick some right decisions and you'll unlock those 

After the whisper told you to talk to someone, go and choose "Talk to Red" and you should proceed to the next day

Not yet but there might be next update- might-

His second nsfw will only be unlocked if you encountered hos first nsfw and if you have enough points

Keep on clicking "Talk to Red"

Which one?

Huh, Ill check up on that