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[Enter] is not working. Can't open chest or upgrade arrows. Fun concept though

Great game, good story! I noticed a few minor things you might consider looking at:

* Reading the captain diary - Page 3/3 reads as 2/3

* Crew dormitory - "The dormitory is desert." Should be "deserted" or "a desert", depending on what you're going for.

* A strange shrine - "Some kind of offrands..." Should be "offerings"

* The sickbay logbook - Only journal that doesn't have page numbers

* Look through the porthole - You use the word "ondulating," which should be "undulating"

* Command Station - "A muffled sound raises." Should be "rises."

* At the end - the intro page came back on, and I clicked "Play" but got an error.

Seriously, though. Great little game. I definitely want more!

Great game! I'm loving it! I did run into a situation where it hung up on me though. It was the first time that one of the students killed the monster (Feedback Looper to be specific) before the battle actually started. They were the only one to get xp, and ended with 77/163840 xp. It got stuck on the xp screen, and won't progress at all.I'm having enough fun with it, though, that I have no problem restarting and going through it again!

TPP, great concept. It's a fun game to play, and I was engaged until I "completed" it. I'd love to see the concept expanded on and more content added! Since it's what we do, here is some feedback. //
1. Add graphics setting (remove movements, particles, jumping for upgrades, etc.) Slow laptop = major lag
2. Ad an upgrade multiplier (10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, Max, etc.)
3. It would be fun to see what the growth scale is for the audience (what the next benchmark is - DND Group, Raid Group, Classroom, etc.).
4. I'd love to know specifically how each upgrade affects the growth & income. I started gathering it, but knowing the actual details would be fun
5. Being able to hit the tutorial mid-game without restarting progress would be nice
Overall, it was fun as is, but limited to about 30 minutes of play. Thanks for sharing your creation!