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It seems to have worked this time around. maybe it was just that first time that I'd launched it. sorry about that.

That's pretty epic. thought it was just gonna be superhot, but it had its own cool style and twist.

Yes, the Nazi-defeating kickflip master.

What are the controls? I'm attempting to play, however, the only thing that seems to respond is the camera. If I move the mouse, the perspective changes, but wasd/arrow keys aren't responding.

Wait no longer.

Wonderful concept, and a fun game. I'll be playing this in my free time.

I noticed that in level 2, the 3/4th boxes, 2 of them are already on the ground; they don't fall. It could be intentional, but just in case. same for level 3 2/4.

good luck.

that was a very fast rock

sans is lookin pretty challenging today.

Cool and fun game, I enjoyed playing it! the maps are good, the logic is good, and the overall experience was pretty fun. the only trick, which i feel is intentional, is the static camera mixed with the lack of knowledge of where the course is, makes it so you can't do well unless you've played the course once or twice beforehand.


the wider paddle is a wonderful addition. BAZINGA

are you referring to my "why does it seems so large" question? that was just because I haven't posted an image on yet and expected it to take up less space. me saying "the error in question" was intended to be like an annotation for the image.

Hello. I came here from your most recent title "Five Finger Drum Punch," as It has not comment section, as it appears as though the zip file is empty. I am unsure if this is a strategy to post a page for a game before the game is released, as the game is labeled as a "prototype", but just in case , here's this: 

^this is the .zip file immediately after I had opened it

^this is the download size on the page.

apologies about the whole "different page" thing.


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a good concept, and a well put together game. good work.

i am so lonely

ouch that's a mean ham. why'd it have to hit me?

It was cute the first 2 times, really. And it seems to be really well made, too, buuuuuut it hurts to only be able to go 4 inches at a time, and then be forcefully stopped by every deer you encounter for what feels like 6 seconds. maybe if the time that each deer stopped you was like, halfed, it would be a fun and engaging game to play.

You made him floss when we lost. i love it but i hate it at the same time.

holy bananas, batman!

The client was unable to find the windows .exe file in the zip, but i was able to. however, once i launched, i could not click the start button. it said 'please click button 1A' or something along thse lines. the 1A is accurate though.

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there dosen't seem to be an execuatble file in here.

(at least not a windows .exe file)

oh ok i didn't know that vases were sought after like the declaration of independance was by nicolas cage. 

"F to honk"

I love it.

a really cool concept, and, I only need a mouse and keyboard to play it alone!

oh, I just notices something about the game. Let's use easy mode as the example. This seems to e a simple error, but I didn't notice it at first. In essence, the lines that you draw don't stop drawing even though they aren't visible. this can be seen with the most recent attempt in the history of the attached images, where there is 1 line too many. This was just a bug that I noticed, and I thought i'd share. Thanks for making it!

The error in question^ (why does the image seem so large?)

I asked myself "why isn't he calling a ambulance" and "why is his house so close to the car" and then at the end I said "oh".

It's all that I would have ever wanted. cake, cat, and more cake.

I do not understand how to use the one that seems like it's supposed to break through the hollow stuff.

cool. has a simmilar concept to that one game where you guess the number but only through it telling you how many are correct.

I can drift all of my problems away, as a ball of gelatinous liquid. :)

Is this game by chance... unnamed?

yOu hAvE StArVeD

i thought this was "turtle tax" and it was about tax fraud.

What a wonderful concept.