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awesome, cant wait, thx for the reply!!

ATLYSS communityCreated a new topic linux support?

will there be a native linux build at some point?? thanks :)

this looks sick, will there be a native linux version?

thats odd, ive had lots of games on here have steam keys. I believe steam lets you generate keys, and then they give them out on the download page here on itch. I don't think it'd have to link to the itcxh page anywhere on the steam page of the game. Just thought id ask since its much easier to play the game on linux through steam :)

any chance there'll be steam keys for those who purchased this and just in slime on here?? enjoying both games alot, thanks :)

works great with lutris/wine :)

damn this game is dope, i'd totally pay full price for it if it releases on steam, it feels like stealing getting this from the ukraine bundle lol. only complaint is that the cursor in the menu is very buggy on linux, and 32:9 support would be nice

picked up daggan and it's working well so far too! Just one question, are you planning on releasing these games on steam? if so will buyers here get steam keys?? thanks! enjoying both of the games :)

took a gamble and bought the game yesterday anyways, seems like the windows version runs perfectly on linux anyways. thx for the quick reply!

is there a linux version planned? (or does anyone know if it runs fine with wine/proton??) and is there male slimes?? thanks!

will there be a linux version when this releases on steam??

is a linux version planned??? rly wanna buy but dont wanna gamble on whether it will work with wine or not lo

Dead Cell communityCreated a new topic asset flip garbage

title says it all